Bottom Line Tournament Master HR

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Product Details

HR refers to High Resolution, which refers to the quality of the picture displayed on the screen of your fish finder, which is determined by the number of pixels you see on your screen, which in the case of the Tournament Master HR is 240 vertical pixels and 400 horizontal pixels, which is 4,219 pixels per square inch, which adds up to a grand total of 96,000 pixels, which blows the competition out of the water. Tournament Master HR is feature-perfect, as well. Sidefinder looks for fish out to the sides of your boat. An audible fish alarm tells you when the unit has spotted a fish, and gives you a digital readout of the distance to the fish. Use the depth finder mode to follow bottom contours. Bottom Line's Revelation feature separates the bottom fish that normally wouldn't show up without using zoom. No other brand gives you so much for the money. The Tournament Master HR has one multi-view transducer that mounts just about anywhere on your boat. It's also compatible with our GPS system, which turns the Tournament Master HR into a full-featured plotter. Multi-view panel feature shows four views at once. Left panel plotter shows productive spot; center panel provides GPS status with Sidefinder panel above; right panel displays bottom tracking with Fish D'Tect on. Simultaneous viewing of bottom and sides with bottom track zoom providing a closer look at something on the bottom that catches your eye. Tournament Master HR in flasher mode, with Sidefinder at top of screen, bottom track zoom with Fish D'Tect in left panel and status update in right panel.