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Clif Designs QX6550 2-Way 6

Clif Designs QX6550 2-Way 6" Car Speaker

A sound system is only as good as its parts. This means that in order to sound good, a sound system needs a good subwoofer, a good amp, good ...
Clif Designs TX695 2-Way 6

Clif Designs TX695 2-Way 6" x 9" Car Speaker

With the Clif Designs 6x9-inch car speaker, drivers no longer have to settle for lame and weak factory-installed speakers. Instead, they can be ...
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"Cliff Designs TX69.5"
Reviewed by baldyzx-9
Just bought these at a ridiculously low price for the rears in my Honda Civic. Right from the first note I was surprisingly . . .
Clif Designs QX5250 2-Way 5

Clif Designs QX5250 2-Way 5" Car Speaker

The Clif Designs QX5250 is a coaxial, two-way car speaker that is designed to improve the sound quality of the buyer’s car audio system. This Cliff ...

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Clif Designs PX522T 2-Way 5.25

Clif Designs PX522T 2-Way 5.25" Car Speaker

The Clif Designs PX522T two-way speaker, with 120-watt peak power handling capacity, delivers a high-fidelity audio output. The 20-mm silk dome ...
Clif Designs PX682T 2-Way 6

Clif Designs PX682T 2-Way 6" x 8" Car Speaker

The Clif Designs 6x8-inch car speaker has a butyl rubber surround in order to protect the speaker. It also has high temperature voice coils that are ...