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Kenwood KFC-415 2-Way 4

Kenwood KFC-415 2-Way 4" x 10" Car Speakers System

"These were the only ones that fit."
Reviewed by Chevyman16
If you need 4x10 speakers, there aren't many other options so these should do the job.

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Kenwood KFC-4675C 2-Way 4

Kenwood KFC-4675C 2-Way 4" x 6" Car Speakers System

Features: 1-Inch Polyamide Balanced Dome Tweeter Injection Molded Polypropylene Cone Woofer Kenwood KFC-4675C 60-Watt 4-Inch x 6-Inch Two-Way Speaker ...
  9 reviews
Reviewed by noisey30
These speakers will provide exactly the type of sound you want from front speakers.

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Kenwood KFC-W3013PS 1-Way 12

Kenwood KFC-W3013PS 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

The thumps and booms of your car audio system will sound completely different when you install the Kenwood KFC-W3013PS 12-inch subwoofer to your ...

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Kenwood KFC-6982ie 5-Way 6

Kenwood KFC-6982ie 5-Way 6" x 9" Car Speaker

It doesn’t get any louder or better than our KFC-6982ie 6 x 9 5-Way speaker system that can handle a whopping 500 Watts of pure power. The ...
Kenwood KFC-P680C 2-Way 6

Kenwood KFC-P680C 2-Way 6" x 8" Car Speakers System

A beautiful speaker with stunning sound quality, the KFC-P680C 6X8 Easy-fit Ford/Mazda System features a 6" woofer and 3/4" swivel tweeter mounted on ...

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Kenwood KFC-835C 1-Way 3.5

Kenwood KFC-835C 1-Way 3.5" Speaker

The Kenwood KFC-835C Car Tweeter size is: 3.5". It will distribute the beats with 40 watts of peak power. Kenwood has always known that the world of ...

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Kenwood KFC-6994PS 5-Way 6

Kenwood KFC-6994PS 5-Way 6" x 9" Car Speakers System

The Kenwood KFC-6994PS five-way automotive speaker has a polypropylene woofer with a diamond array pattern and urethane foam surround that combine to ...

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Kenwood excelon KFC-X683C 2-Way 6

Kenwood excelon KFC-X683C 2-Way 6" x 8" Car Speaker

Enhance your musical experience while driving, with the custom fit Kenwood eXcelon KFC-X683C speaker. The included Injection P.P. Cone woofer of this ...

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Kenwood KFC-G1620 2-Way 6.5

Kenwood KFC-G1620 2-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

The quality of a sound system in a car is highly dependent on its speakers, which is why the Kenwood KFC-G1620 has lightweight and rigid cones, dome ...

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Kenwood KFC-X173 2-Way 6.5

Kenwood KFC-X173 2-Way 6.5" Car Speakers System

Get fantastic reproduction of low as well as high notes with the 2-way Kenwood KFC-X173 speaker. The carbon-polypropylene hybrid cone and its diamond ...

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Kenwood KFC-C6882ie 3-Way 6

Kenwood KFC-C6882ie 3-Way 6" x 8" Car Speaker

Kenwood's KFC-C6882ie 3-way 6"x8" speakers are built to last with a super-sturdy mica/polypropylene cone woofer that's strengthened with fibers. The ...
Kenwood KFC-1394PS 3-Way 5.25

Kenwood KFC-1394PS 3-Way 5.25" Car Speakers System

Features: 3 way Kenwood Subwoofer 5-1/4 in diameter 160W peak power The 5-1/4 160W 3-way Kenwood speaker sports a carbon-polypropylene hybrid cone ...

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Kenwood KFC-W12PS 1-Way 12

Kenwood KFC-W12PS 1-Way 12" Car Speaker

The Kenwood subwoofer is a superior performing subwoofer designed to add great amounts of bass to a car audio system. The 12-inch Kenwood KFC-W12P ...

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Kenwood KFC-P709PS 2-Way 7

Kenwood KFC-P709PS 2-Way 7" Car Speaker

Drive happily to your destination as you listen to your favorite music flowing through the Kenwood KFC-P709PS speakers. Listen to the smallest ...

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