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Infinity BassLink 1-Way 10

Infinity BassLink 1-Way 10" Car Subwoofer

Infinity, the inventor of servo-controlled subwoofer systems, has adapted the technology developed for the finest home-audio loudspeakers to create ...
"I put an Infinity Basslink Powered Subwoofer in my 2005 Toyota Tacoma"
Reviewed by phungus
If you are looking to add some kick to your car stereo, the Infinity Basslink will deliver.

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Infinity REF6032SI 2-Way 6.5

Infinity REF6032SI 2-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

This Infinity 6.5-inch car speaker leverages a 6.5-inch Plus One woofer cone that provides more surface area than its competitors of comparable size, ...

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Infinity 1262W 1-Way 12

Infinity 1262W 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

The Infinity 1262W Car Subwoofer drives your low frequency sound to the fullest. This Subwoofer speaker is a 40 oz magnet product which delivers ...

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Infinity 1260W 1-Way 12

Infinity 1260W 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

Get high-efficiency performance with 1200-watt peak power handling capacity of the Infinity 1260W car speaker. With the 23Hz - 400kHz of frequency ...

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Infinity Kappa 6537i 3-Way 6.5

Infinity Kappa 6537i 3-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

The Infinity Kappa 653.7i 16.5inch 17cm car speakers 6 1/2 Coaxial Car Speaker size is: 6.5". It will distribute the beats with 225 watts of peak ...
Infinity Reference 110t Car Speaker

Infinity Reference 110t Car Speaker

Featuring Tri-Laminate Hybrid Cones, the Infinity Reference 110T speaker reduces unwanted resonances. This Infinity car speaker has Silk Dome ...
Infinity Kappa 4629cfp 2-Way 4

Infinity Kappa 4629cfp 2-Way 4" Car Subwoofer

The Infinity Kappa 4629cfp is a 2-way plate speaker system for your car, which helps you kill boredom on a long drive. The woven glass fiber cone ...

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Infinity Kappa 1203dvc 12

Infinity Kappa 1203dvc 12" Car Subwoofer

  2 reviews
"The Great Infinty"
Reviewed by ravsario
One of the most best subwoofers I have purchased. I own 4 of these subwoofers and they are very dependable. It has extremely . . .
Infinity Kappa Perfect61 2-Way 6.5

Infinity Kappa Perfect61 2-Way 6.5" Car Speakers System

Looking for the perfect component set? The Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 component system delivers a perfect combination of stunning clarity and ...
"If ever there was a perfect piece of crap this is it"
Reviewed by richiegts
I have been using infinity components for many years now and I have got to say these suck. I thought it was the crossover . . .

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Infinity Kappa 425i 2-Way 3.62

Infinity Kappa 425i 2-Way 3.62" Car Speaker

The Infinity Kappa 425i is a two-way speaker unit designed for use in vehicles. This automotive speaker can be mounted in door or in rear window ...
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"Great for a 4 in. speaker"
Reviewed by curriergrm
I have these in the back of a subaru impreza. They are being powered by a head unit. The sq is excellent and they have never . . .
Infinity Reference 1062w 1-Way 10

Infinity Reference 1062w 1-Way 10" Car Subwoofer

The Infinity 10 Subwoofer's thermal capablities are augmented, thus increasing power handling. High-efficiency polypropylene woofer cones are also a ...

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