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Infinity Reference 1050w 1-Way 10

Infinity Reference 1050w 1-Way 10" Car Subwoofer

The Infinity Reference 1050w is a 10-inch automotive subwoofer boasts 1050 watts of pure bass that has the ability to deliver sound throughout an ...
Infinity Kappa Perfect121 1-Way 12

Infinity Kappa Perfect121 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

The robust Infinity Kappa car subwoofer is a one-way component-type unit used in an automotive sound system for low-frequency sound output. The ...
Reviewed by civicmitch
Infinity Kappa 12in subwoofer are one of the best sounding speakers I have ever heard. Never had any of them blow like I . . .
Infinity Reference 3012cf 2-Way 3.5

Infinity Reference 3012cf 2-Way 3.5" Car Speaker

Excellent sound quality starts with high-quality materials. Infinity's Reference Series coaxial speakers feature Plus One (patent pending) oversized ...
  2 reviews
"Great set of speakers"
Reviewed by gauz
I bought these to replace my stock Infinity "premium" system speakers in my 03 Dodge. Even the premium speakers are paper . . .
Infinity Kappa 6931i Car Speaker

Infinity Kappa 6931i Car Speaker

To enjoy your favorite music tracks with amazing sound-quality while on the go, get the Infinity Kappa 693.1i 3-way car speakers for your music ...
  1 review
"bad speaker cone material"
Reviewed by sberio
These were in my rear deck, protected by the rear deck panel. so there was no direct sunlight. after a couple of summers . . .
Infinity Kappa 321cf Car Speaker

Infinity Kappa 321cf Car Speaker

Get a perfect combination of quality sound output and strong build with the Infinity Kappa 321cf car speaker. Featuring a co-injection molded cones, ...
  3 reviews
"Infinity 32.3CF Review"
Reviewed by djthump
Infinity has done a good job with this speaker, starting with the cross-over and ending with the tweeter. This would be great for anyone looking for new speakers to competition.
Infinity REF4032CF 2-Way 4

Infinity REF4032CF 2-Way 4" Car Speaker

Get increased bass output and more efficient performance with the Plus One woofer cones of the Infinity 4032CF. Rely on the rubber surrounds of this ...
Infinity Reference 652i 2-Way 6.5

Infinity Reference 652i 2-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

The Infinity 652i car speaker uses a 3/4-inch silk semi-dome tweeter with UniPivot that can be rotated up to 355 degrees. This two-way speaker ...
"Very Clear Sound"
Reviewed by imagin_dis
I've had a pair of these for over a year now in two different cars. I have a habit of listening to loud music and these speakers . . .
Infinity Reference 452i 2-Way 4

Infinity Reference 452i 2-Way 4" Car Speaker

For those who want a speaker that handles all the frequencies, this Infinity 4-inch car speaker is an ideal choice. The Infinity Reference 452i ...
  4 reviews
"Infinity 452i 2-way 4" coaxial speaker"
Reviewed by prowler573
I'd suggest these to anyone looking for a quality 4" coaxial that won't break the bank. Check mounting location for compatibility first.
Infinity Reference 4652cf 2-Way 4

Infinity Reference 4652cf 2-Way 4" x 6" Car Speaker

The Infinity Reference REF 4652CF Coaxial Car Speaker size is: 4" x 6". It will distribute the beats with 105 watts of peak power.
  2 reviews
"Great speakers, great price!"
Reviewed by weitau
Buy it! Cheap at $50-60, without sacrificing quality sound. Do get another set of speakers or a subwoofer for bass though.
Infinity Reference 552i 2-Way 5.25

Infinity Reference 552i 2-Way 5.25" Car Speaker

  2 reviews
"Clear Highs & Good Bass response for the size.."
Reviewed by nmtech2k
Bought a pair of these at Circuit City back in 2003. Installed these 5 1/4" speakers in a vehicle that came with an odd size . . .
Infinity Reference 5752cf 2-Way 5

Infinity Reference 5752cf 2-Way 5" x 7" Car Speaker

Buying the Infinity Reference 5752cf two-way automotive speaker implies getting a midrange speaker and a tweeter in a single package. With a ...
  7 reviews
"One of the best 5x7/6x8 out there."
Reviewed by ec300z
I am very pleased with these speakers. Powerful, clean sound and cheap! They are being phased out, I believe. If you can, get your hands on a set!
Infinity Reference 6952i 2-Way 6

Infinity Reference 6952i 2-Way 6" x 9" Car Speaker

The Infinity 6952i speaker implements the PlusOne design technology. In comparison to other 6-inch by 9-inch speakers, this two-way car speaker ...
  4 reviews
"Photo Decay of speaker diaphragm"
Reviewed by vilulf
I have a pair of these Infinity Ref 6952i speakers. They sounded GREAT.... ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!!!! until the white speaker . . .
Infinity Reference 6953i 3-Way 6

Infinity Reference 6953i 3-Way 6" x 9" Car Speaker

The Infinity Reference REF 6953I Car Component System size is: 6" x 9". It will distribute the beats with 300 watts of peak power.
Infinity Kappa 605cs 6.5

Infinity Kappa 605cs 6.5" Car Speakers System

The Infinity Reference REF 605CS Car Component System size is: 6.5". It will distribute the beats with 270 watts of peak power.
  8 reviews
"Great Speakers"
Reviewed by ls6kid
I had these speakers in my old vehicle and like them so much that I got a new pair for my new car. They have really good . . .
Infinity Primus PR6500cs  6-1/2 Component Car Speakers (Now $119.99 after $10.00 savings)

Infinity Primus PR6500cs 6-1/2 Component Car Speakers (Now $119.99 after $10.00 savings)

6-1/2 Component Car Speakers 6-1/2 Plus One+ polypropylene woofer with hi-roll rubber surround,3/4 textile dome tweeter,5-80 watts RMS power range More at Crutchfield


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