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MTX RTX4BT Car Speaker

MTX RTX4BT Car Speaker

The MTX RTX4BT speakers are designed to blast music in the car for extended periods of time with no trouble. With a power range between 50-200 watts ...

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MTX TNP212D2 Car Speaker

MTX TNP212D2 Car Speaker

The MTX Terminator TNP212D2, a dual subwoofer system, provides amazing, chest-pounding audio. The MTX Terminator TNP212D2 is a 12-inch subwoofer and ...

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MTX TNP112D 1-Way 12

MTX TNP112D 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

This perfectly matched Terminator amplified bass system provides all the power you need for a chest pounding audio experience. It combines the sleek ...
MTX TDX5202 2-Way 5.25

MTX TDX5202 2-Way 5.25" Car Speaker

Make place for the MTX TDX5202 car speaker and enjoy superior quality sound output, while having a good time. The frequency response of this MTX ...
MTX T810-44 1-Way 10

MTX T810-44 1-Way 10" Car Subwoofer

  1 review
"Relatively inexpensive beast of a subwoofer"
Reviewed by marcrocks
Buy it for loud cheap bass, don't buy it for SQ.
MTX Magnum MB210SP Car Speaker

MTX Magnum MB210SP Car Speaker

The MTX Magnum MB210SP is a car bass package that will prove to be the perfect entertainment companion on long drives. The two 10-inch, 8-ohm Magnum ...
MTX T5512-44 Car Speaker

MTX T5512-44 Car Speaker

The Thunder5500 offers a variety of features including high power handling, rubber surround, tinsel leads woven in the spider mated to heavy duty ...
  2 reviews
"Nice all 'round Woofer, good fit for audiophiles"
Reviewed by ed240
Highly recommended. Excellent value and sound quality, good customer support from MTX.
MTX Signature Series SS7 6.5 150W RMS 2-Way Component Speaker Pair

MTX Signature Series SS7 6.5 150W RMS 2-Way Component Speaker Pair

Series Signature Series RMS Power 150 Watts Sensitivity 85.4dB Frequency Response 31Hz - 30kHz Features High Efficiency Glass Fiber Cone Cast ... More at


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MTX T9515-44 1-Way 15

MTX T9515-44 1-Way 15" Car Subwoofer

Designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, the MTX T9515-44 subwoofer is a must-have add-on for your in-car entertainment. Featuring a ...
  2 reviews
"MTX Thunder 9500 T9515-44 Car Subwoofer"
Reviewed by arcticfalcon
I've tried many different subs over the years ... most of them pretty high end (Eclipse Ti, JL W7, Fusion Jonas, etc.) What . . .
MTX TNP212D Car Speaker

MTX TNP212D Car Speaker

Enjoy your musical ride with enhanced sound response, as the MTX TNP212D speaker lights up your mood during long journeys. This MTX car speaker gives ...
MTX TS5512-44 1-Way 12

MTX TS5512-44 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

The MTX TS5512-44 is a 12-inch subwoofer that provides a deep and aggressive bass effect. With a sensitivity rating of 89 dB, this MTX car subwoofer ...
MTX ThunderForms for Ford F150 8

MTX ThunderForms for Ford F150 8" Car Subwoofer

Utilize the extra space in your car without having to go through troublesome installations with the MTX ThunderForms subwoofer enclosure. ...
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