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MTX Thunder T7510-44 10

MTX Thunder T7510-44 10" Car Subwoofer

Those who want a hard hitting subwoofer should consider the MTX Thunder T7510. This 10-inch automotive subwoofer has all the power users want, for a ...
  1 review
"Pound It!"
Reviewed by zingo
For the money or the sound, the Thunder 7500 can not be beat. Then again, neither can MTX in general!
MTX T812-44 1-Way 12

MTX T812-44 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

This MTX car subwoofer is built for people who want superior sound. It's equal parts reliable and dazzling. Discriminating listeners and families ...

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MTX T5512-04 1-Way 12

MTX T5512-04 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

Engulfing and dependable, this MTX car subwoofer is a solid platform for increasing your musical pleasure while riding around. This MTX car ...
MTX TXC61 2-Way 6.5

MTX TXC61 2-Way 6.5" Car Speakers System

Whether it's a skyscraper, car, or space rocket, designing anything completely new means starting from the ground and working your way up. MTX Audio ...
  2 reviews
"Very well rounded sound"
Reviewed by apanthropy
I think these sound better than any other coaxial for the price. I can't even think of how a buyer would be disappointed with these.
MTX T5512X2-D 1-Way 12

MTX T5512X2-D 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

The vented enclosure of this MTX Audio car subwoofer allows the woofers to deliver an elevated amount of bass without sacrificing sound quality. The ...
MTX T-Form 99-06 GM Extra Cab  Charcoal w/dual 10 Subs and 200W Amp

MTX T-Form 99-06 GM Extra Cab Charcoal w/dual 10 Subs and 200W Amp

Charcoal w/dual 10 Subs and 200W Amp rugged charcoal enclosure fits under back seats,two special-design Terminator 10 woofers,Class D 200-watt ... More at Crutchfield


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MTX 5722 Car Speaker

MTX 5722 Car Speaker

The MTX 5722 is a powerful 4-Ohm speaker that delivers clean and crisp acoustics with precision sound technology. This MTX car speaker includes a ...
  1 review
"This speaker can take some abuse"
Reviewed by nikoba
I have these speakers in my wifes car, and I have Alpine speakers in my car. To be honest there is very little difference . . .
MTX TR4510-04 1-Way 10

MTX TR4510-04 1-Way 10" Car Subwoofer

This MTX car subwoofer combines great performance with cool graphics that make a perfect match with its impressive low-end output. The material used ...

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MTX 6923 Car Speaker

MTX 6923 Car Speaker

  1 review
"MTX 6923 fills the car and makes it thump."
Reviewed by malacoid
I cut the plastic which holds 5.25 speakers in the back of my 97 Ford Aspire to hold these 6x9's. I went from Alpine 6.5 . . .
MTX T6NEO 1-Way Car Speaker

MTX T6NEO 1-Way Car Speaker

Listen to high-frequency sounds with impeccable timbre and clarity with the MTX T6NEO (t6neo) one-way dome tweeter. Measuring just 19 mm in size, ...
MTX ThunderForms for Ford F150 8

MTX ThunderForms for Ford F150 8" Car Subwoofer

Utilize the extra space in your car without having to go through troublesome installations with the MTX ThunderForms subwoofer enclosure. ...

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MTX Jackhammer JH4512-04 1-Way 12

MTX Jackhammer JH4512-04 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

Experience high-performance with the Jackhammer JH4512-04 car subwoofer that boasts a peak power handling of 500 Watts, a frequency response of ...
MTX TDX693 3-Way 6

MTX TDX693 3-Way 6" Car Speaker

Featuring a polypropylene cone woofer with a rubber surround, the MTX TDX693 is a powerful speaker that can enhance a car stereo system. A high ...

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