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Pioneer TS-SWX251 1-Way 10

Pioneer TS-SWX251 1-Way 10" Car Subwoofer

Benefiting from the air suspension excursion control system, the Pioneer TS-SWX251 subwoofer gives you superior bass quality. The angled push ...
Pioneer Ts-a1374r 3-Way 5.25

Pioneer Ts-a1374r 3-Way 5.25" Car Speaker

The Pioneer TS-A1374R is a 5.25-inch car speaker that will prove to be the perfect entertainment companion on long drives. The high-density ...

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Pioneer TSA1305C Car Speaker

Pioneer TSA1305C Car Speaker

Listen to your favorite music on the road with these Pioneer TSA1305C component vehicle speakers that feature 5-1/4 multilayer mica matrix woofer ...

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Pioneer TS-SW2501S4 1-Way 10

Pioneer TS-SW2501S4 1-Way 10" Car Subwoofer

A subwoofer for the audiophiles, the Pioneer TS-SW2501S4 produces earth-shaking bass. The RMS power handling of 300 watts ensures that the Pioneer ...
Pioneer TSA6965R 3-Way 6

Pioneer TSA6965R 3-Way 6" x 9" Car Speaker

Enjoy high-quality sound in your vehicle with these Pioneer TS-A6965R 3-way speakers that each feature a 6 x 9 woofer with a multilayer mica matrix ...

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Pioneer TS-SW3001S4 1-Way 12

Pioneer TS-SW3001S4 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

The Pioneer TS-SW3001S4 is a Shallow mount 12“car subwoofer with 400 watts RMS and 1500 watt peak output designed for optimal performance in sealed ...
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"Good truck sub"
Reviewed by laxer142
Get it if you want a good subwoofer for a truck with easy installation
Pioneer TS-A6994R 5-Way 6

Pioneer TS-A6994R 5-Way 6" x 9" SpeakerCar Speaker

To enjoy your favorite music tracks with amazing chest-thumping beats, get the high-performance Pioneer TS-W259S4 10-inch subwoofer. Built with a ...

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Pioneer TSW304R 2-Way 12

Pioneer TSW304R 2-Way 12" Car Speaker

The TS-W304R handles an impressive 1,300 watts max. (300 watts nominal power), and features Pioneer's IMPP composite seamless cone woofer, for ...

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Pioneer TS-164P 2-Way 6.5

Pioneer TS-164P 2-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

To enjoy a great audio performance while you are on the go, get the Pioneer TS164P speakers for your car system. Built with a sensitivity rating of ...
Pioneer TSM650PRO 1-Way 6.5

Pioneer TSM650PRO 1-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

The Pioneer Reference for Open Show series of speakers is designed specifically for those looking to produce some serious sound pressure levels. ...

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Pioneer TS-A1680R 4-Way 6.5

Pioneer TS-A1680R 4-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

The Pioneer TS-A1680R Coaxial Car Speaker size is: 6.50". It will distribute the beats with 220 watts of peak power. Pioneer mobile products deliver ...
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"Speakers for a newcomer"
Reviewed by woolley07
The Pioneer brand is a midquality brand. These 4-way speakers, give great treble, without a lot of bass support. The sound . . .
Pioneer TS-W3002D4 1-Way 12

Pioneer TS-W3002D4 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

A Pioneer car subwoofer is meant to be the highlight of any audio system. The exceptionally engineered Pioneer Premier TS-W3002D4 12-inch automotive ...
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Reviewed by shay1234
These speakers are real pioneers. tHey create a sound that is unbelievable. I enjoy driving around with the radio turned . . .
Pioneer TS-G1342R 2-Way 5.25

Pioneer TS-G1342R 2-Way 5.25" Car Speaker

Get the Pioneer TS-G1342R car speaker that will last longer than you can imagine. The IMPP composite woofer cone of this Pioneer subwoofer gives it ...

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Pioneer TS-A6995R Car Speaker

Pioneer TS-A6995R Car Speaker

PIONEERING AN IDEALAbsolute fidelity to musical sources takes form from speakers that reproduce the ambience in which sounds originate. Stage size, ...

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Pioneer TS-SW301 1-Way 12

Pioneer TS-SW301 1-Way 12" Car Subwoofer

The Pioneer TS-SW301 car subwoofer is a back-to-basics traditional car subwoofer with a spider design that is engineered to keep the voice coil of ...
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