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Pyle PL573BL 3-Way 5

Pyle PL573BL 3-Way 5" x 7" Car Speaker

One Pair 5 X 7 Three-way Triaxial Speaker Systems 150 Watts Rms Power 300 Watts Max Power Non-fatiguing Butyl Rubber Surround 1 High Temperature ASV ...

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Pyle PLCHW15 1-Way 15

Pyle PLCHW15 1-Way 15" Car Subwoofer

Built around a titanium injected polypropylene cone, the Pyle PLCHW15 car speaker set has more than enough performance to energize your audio ...

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Pyle PL63BL 3-Way 6.5

Pyle PL63BL 3-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

PYLE Audio is a global leader in design, manufacture and distribution of high-quality audio products that deliver high-end performance at an ...

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Pyle PLBW84 1-Way 8

Pyle PLBW84 1-Way 8" Car Subwoofer

Experience mind blowing sounds, using the Pyle PLBW84 subwoofer, which is perfect for your automobile. The Pyle PLBW84 is an 8-inch subwoofer that ...
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"Not the Pyle of crap that I expected"
Reviewed by biscuitfarmer
I normally dislike PYLE speakers but these ones actually turned out pretty good.  I am impressed with the overall performance so far. 

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Pyle PPA15 15

Pyle PPA15 15" Car Subwoofer

The Pyle PPA15 produces amazing music in your vehicle by having nominal power handling of 250 watts RMS. With 90.2 dB sensitivity, this Pyle car ...
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"Not Bad... Not bad at all"
Reviewed by dread1124
For the price, you can't do any better. The paper cone is solid, and the bass is deep, if its in the right box.

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Pyle PLWT4 3-Way 1.5

Pyle PLWT4 3-Way 1.5" Car Speaker

The Pyle PLWT4 car speaker offers maximum power handling capacity of 200-watts, thus producing outstanding quality sound. The frequency response of ...

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Pyle PL463BL 3-Way 4

Pyle PL463BL 3-Way 4" x 6" Car Speakers System

Make your car journey all the more interesting with the Pyle Pl463bl. This Pyle Coaxial Car Speaker offers a power handling of 120 Watts RMS and 120 ...

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Pyle PLQB8 1-Way 8

Pyle PLQB8 1-Way 8" Car Subwoofer

For a hefty bass addition to any musical genre, the Pyle Blue Wave subwoofer provides an enclosed audio solution. With the Pyle PLQB8, listeners ...
Pyle PLG698 6

Pyle PLG698 6" x 9" Car Speaker

With non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround, the Pyle PLG698 speaker gives you brilliant sound quality by eliminating distortion. The 2-inch polymer ...

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Pyle PLG62 2-Way 6.5

Pyle PLG62 2-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

The Pyle PLG62 2-way car speaker system with a woofer and 1/2-inch neodymium dome tweeter offers an outstanding mid and high frequency response. The ...

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Pyle PL53BL 3-Way 5.25

Pyle PL53BL 3-Way 5.25" Car Speaker

Enjoy your favorite music on the go with the Pyle PL53BL coaxial car speaker. This Pyle car speaker system comes in a combination of blue and black ...

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Pyle PLTA8N 1-Way 8

Pyle PLTA8N 1-Way 8" Car Subwoofer

Heart-pounding bass adds dimension to any car audio system, and the Pyle PLT A8N subwoofer delivers just that. A built-in high output amplifier gives ...
Pyle PL683BL 3-Way 6

Pyle PL683BL 3-Way 6" x 8" Car Speaker

Offering a durable build and features that offer better sound, the Pyle PL683BL includes a triaxial speaker design. This Pyle speaker includes a cone ...

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Pyle PLG6C 2-Way 6.5

Pyle PLG6C 2-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

A 2-way audio system designed for excellence, the Pyle PLG6C Car Component System is a delight for your auditory senses. The 6.5 powerful car speaker ...

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