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Alpine SPE-6090 3-Way 6

Alpine SPE-6090 3-Way 6" Car Speaker

The Alpine SPE-6090 is a 3-way speaker system that delivers sound with stereo effects of superior quality. This Alpine coaxial car speaker has silk ...

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Infinity REF6032SI 2-Way 6.5

Infinity REF6032SI 2-Way 6.5" Car Speaker

This Infinity 6.5-inch car speaker leverages a 6.5-inch Plus One woofer cone that provides more surface area than its competitors of comparable size, ...

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Eminence Speaker KAPPA-15A 1-Way 15

Eminence Speaker KAPPA-15A 1-Way 15" x 15" Car Speaker

The Eminence Speaker KAPPA-15A Car Mid-Range Speaker size is: 15" x 15". It will distribute the beats with 1000 watts of peak power.

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Kenwood KFC-X463C 2-Way 4

Kenwood KFC-X463C 2-Way 4" Car Speakers System

The Kenwood KFC-X463C is a 2-way car speaker system that is designed to deliver stereo sound of remarkable quality. The carbon-polypropylene hybrid ...

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Boss TW15 1-Way 1

Boss TW15 1-Way 1" Car Speaker

With a peak power handling of 250watts, the Boss TW15 car speaker fills your car with outstanding sound. The neodymium magnet of this Boss 1-way ...

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Eminence Omega Pro-15A 1-Way 15

Eminence Omega Pro-15A 1-Way 15" Car Speaker

OMEGA PRO-15A - 1600W 15 (381mm) 8 Ohm Mid-Bass Loudspeaker Driver , 15 (381mm) Mid-Bass Driver, 1600W (Program) @ 8 Ohms, Intended for Cabinet ...

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Kicker - GR150 15in Speaker Grille, Car Subwoofer Grills (Grilles)

Kicker - GR150 15in Speaker Grille, Car Subwoofer Grills (Grilles)

Product Features: Spoked Subwoofer Grille designed for Kicker Comp, CompVT, CompVR, CompVX, and Solo Classic Subwoofers series Simple installation ... More at Sonic Electronix


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RE Audio SXX15D4 1-Way 15

RE Audio SXX15D4 1-Way 15" Car Subwoofer

The RE Audio SXX15D4 functions as a one-way 15-inch automotive subwoofer. Some of the key features for this RE Audio car subwoofer include Tork Tite ...
Kicker S15l74 1-Way 15

Kicker S15l74 1-Way 15" Car Subwoofer

Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer is the world’s first patented square subwoofer, offering the extra decibels wanted by bass lovers for deep, musical bass ...

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JL Audio 15W0V3 1-Way 15

JL Audio 15W0V3 1-Way 15" Car Subwoofer

For application flexibility, the JL Audio 15W0V3 car speaker provides an appropriate design for compact sealed or medium-size ported enclosures. This ...

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Earthquake DB-15 1-Way 15

Earthquake DB-15 1-Way 15" Car Subwoofer

  1 review
"Good Sub for the Money"
Reviewed by soundfreak
I bought this sub and stuck it in a ported box. It sounded quite bad at first, but that was because the box was the wrong . . .
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