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  • 'A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse'

    Nov 21, 2005 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: spectacular, magical, innovative, exciting, entertaining, beautiful horses, talented performers
    Cons: none

    Summary: The culmination of six years of hard work, Cavalia is a multimedia extravaganza that integrates equestrian performances by a team of talented horses, riders, dancer and vaulters, as well as acrobats and musicians, with spectacular and evocative ... read more

  • Way, Way, WAY Overrated

    Jul 5, 2010 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Typical Cirque du Soleil sets and lighting (beautiful)
    Cons: Typical Cirque du Soleil snail-like pacing -- and that awful, awful New Age music

    Summary: I know Cavalia is a religion among horse people, and I know the difficulties of working with untacked horses, particularly stallions.  I also understand that Cavalia is supposed to be about the relationship between humans and horses, and is not a ... read more

  • Cavalia is wonderful and entertaining - see it

    Nov 26, 2009 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Beautiful horses, skillful and incredibly strong human artists, beautiful music and lighting
    Cons: Not enough money to see the show over and over and over

    Summary: Contrary to other opinions, I highly recommend seeing Cavalia. My family and I just saw the show in Atlanta, and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment. We are horse owners and horse lovers, and we practice natural horsemanship principles. We saw the show ... read more

  • I feel SO CHEATED!!!

    Sep 21, 2009 by
    Rated a Very Helpful Review
    Pros: Beautiful Spanish horses. Some acrobatists are *quite* talented.
    Cons: Poor overall performances. No relationship between handler & horse -punishment used to maintain control.

    Summary: After being told by numerous people who had previously seen the show, reading glorious reviews & watching the breath-taking videos online, I ponied up the $280 to take a friend to the Sept.9, '09 showing by the Pentagon outside of DC, for the "Horse ... read more

  • Cavalia - "A very boring experience"

    Mar 18, 2009 by
    Rated a Helpful Review
    Pros: "Cavalia" spent thousands of dollars on advertising, which Phoenix enjoyed.
    Cons: Long boring performance, very uncomfortable seats, extremely misleading about the content of the show.

    Summary: Be careful when you read the reviews about this show, because it is obvious they are "paid reviews"!  Cavalia has spent a lot of money to "hype" this show.  When "Cavalia" first arrived in Phoenix, the full page ads stated that the show ... read more

  • Express Customer Reviews

  • Cavalia

    Nov 9, 2009 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: Artisitic, many different horses, related to Cirque.
    Cons: Boring and not entertaining.

    Summary: My wife and I just saw cavalia here in Atlanta and left at the intermission. All the tools were there, the rare horses, Cirque staff, big tents, high ticket price, etc. It looked and sounded like it would be at least a very good show. It stunk. ... read more

  • Disappointed...

    Mar 1, 2009 by
    Rated Show
    Pros: Beautiful horses, exciting trick riding, nice choreography, wonderful acrobatics, enjoyable light and sound effects.
    Cons: Riding not technically advanced, at times downright sloppy. Don't expect the Spanish Rising School.

    Summary: I took my wife to see Cavalia in Scottsdale last night, and we were disappointed that the level of riding demonstrated, particularly in the dressage segments, was not particularly advanced. For anyone who lives with horses, most of the behaviors ... read more

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