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Craig HDMI DVD Player With Remote Control
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Craig 7 inch Portable DVD Player (7

Craig 7 inch Portable DVD Player (7")

  8 reviews
"Craig is junk!!!"
Reviewed by gundrum4
We received this portable dvd player as a gift last Christmas. I have used it 6 times in the past year. It shuts off all . . .

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Craig 731398403288 Player

Craig 731398403288 Player

  1 review
"Craig DVD Player - Cheap and Surprisingly Good. Just Don't Expect Too Much"
Reviewed by dkozin
As an inexpensive DVD player with PAL playback on NTSC TV, the Craig DVD player is a good buy. Do not expect top notch video quality or stable CD...
Craig CDV513 Portable DVD Player (7

Craig CDV513 Portable DVD Player (7")

  4 reviews
"Not Recommended"
Reviewed by boonstra13
We bought this for our daughter....twice.  The first time it broke down within 15 days so we were able to return it. . . .


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