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Vizio VBR 120 Blu-Ray Player

Vizio VBR 120 Blu-Ray Player

  8 reviews
"Vizio Blu-ray Player...never again"
Reviewed by willow1584
I cannot recommend this Vizio Blu-ray player to anyone.  It has way too many little annoyances.  I'll give it two stars because there were a few decent aspects.
Vizio VBR210 Blu-Ray Player

Vizio VBR210 Blu-Ray Player

  4 reviews
"It's OK for a Cheap BluRay DVD player"
Reviewed by epi_member
It's fine if you just want a cheap BluRay DVD player and aren't picky about it.
LG BP125 Blu-Ray Player

LG BP125 Blu-Ray Player

  9 reviews
"Sleek, simple and affordable!"
Reviewed by sandy858
Excellent quality player. It is simple and with a very clear menu making it easy for any age to use.