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Vornado CR1-0094-42

Vornado CR1-0094-42 " Portable Fan

The V6 Flippi personal air circulator with two speeds provides personal comfort with a breeze! Ever need a little extra circulation in your home or ...

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Lasko 3733 20

Lasko 3733 20" Floor / Box Fan

Perfect for smaller spaces, this whisper-quiet fan is energy efficient and capable of high volume air movement. Three speeds. UL listed. Lightweight ...
  6 reviews
"Lasko 3733 20" Floor/Box Fan"
Reviewed by vincent12
I needed a new portable fan for my vacation home after the motor on the old one I had in there seized up. I went to the local . . .

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Lasko 3520 20

Lasko 3520 20" Floor / Box Fan

The Cyclone's 20" aerodynamic blade and swirling grill design combine for power and performance matched only by a cyclone itself.
  1 review
"This Fan Blows!"
Reviewed by goldjay
This fan does it job of moving air around!

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Lasko 4910

Lasko 4910 " Tower Fan

The revolutionary Wind Tower Fan now fits on your desk. Can be positioned in 2 directions at once, then combine with oscillation for even more ...
  3 reviews
"High or Low this Fan will sure Blow"
Reviewed by MississippiMom
I like the slim design that takes up very little space, yet works well to provide comfort and relief on those hot muggy days. Inexpensive... WORKS GREAT.

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Minka F803-TL

Minka F803-TL " Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F803-TL Artemis Translucent Three Speed 120 volt Flying Vane Ceiling Fan The Minka-Aire Fan F803-TL is an Artemis Ceiling Fan with the ...
  1 review
"Minka Artemis Ceiling Fan is SUPER COOL"
Reviewed by jenniferkateab
For anyone with contemporary or modern taste in fixtures that doesn't mind splurging to get the fan of their dreams.

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Hunter Fan Company The Beacon Hill 20431

Hunter Fan Company The Beacon Hill 20431 " Ceiling Fan

Hunter - 20431 : 42" Brushed Nickel with 5 Maple/Cherry Blades
  2 reviews
"Hunter Does It Again"
Reviewed by karlkarlson
This and all other hunter fans are a perfect complement to any room. Especially when style and quality are essential.

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NewAir AF-330

NewAir AF-330 " Air Cooler Fan

The AF-330 by NewAir removes up to 99.7% of particles in the air with its HEPA Filter. Effective up to 150 square feet, the AF-330 is versatile and ...
  1 review
"i like my af330"
Reviewed by bertrice
I purchased this product because living in Arizona's dry climate, it was a natural choice to buy a portable evaporative cooler . . .
Vornado 530B

Vornado 530B " Table Fan

Vornado's 500 model Compact Air Circulator is the perfect addition to any small room of your house or apartment. Featuring a 3 Speed Control, this ...
  3 reviews
"Vornado 530 Fan"
Reviewed by turnfourfan
Highly recommended.

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Lasko 2155A 16

Lasko 2155A 16" Window Mount Fan

The 16 Electrically Reversible Window Fan powerfully circulates air through two to three rooms. Plus its exclusive Storm Guard feature allows you to ...
  3 reviews
"Better than advertised"
Reviewed by rynncp
Perfect solution for air movement without holes in the ceiling and expense.

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Lasko Wind Machine 3300 20

Lasko Wind Machine 3300 20" Floor / Box Fan

The Wind Machine gets its powerful name from its powerful performance. Its three, high performance speeds will nearly blow you away.
  7 reviews
"If your wife is hot get her the Lasko Wind Machine"
Reviewed by texas-swede
The Lasko Wind Machine model 3300 is n efficient, affordable and robust floor fan that came in handy when the air condition was out.

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Hunter Fan Company Low Profile III 20807 52

Hunter Fan Company Low Profile III 20807 52" Ceiling Fan

A fan can help you save money on energy costs. In an 80-degree room, a good fan can create a wind chill factor that makes the room feel like 72 ...
  1 review
"Great fan, terrible instructions"
Reviewed by wlivingston
Buy it, great fan for the price, despite the one time installation problems.
Fanimation Zonix FP4620OB 54

Fanimation Zonix FP4620OB 54" Ceiling Fan

Fanimation employs the use of multiple motor sizes and designs so that every model of fan is built using the motor suited for its design and purpose.
  1 review
"Fanimation Zonix: great product, great customer service"
Reviewed by diplo-mat
The Zonix from Fanimation has great styling, is easy to install and is quiet and effective. I bought a few of them but . . .

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Lasko Wind Curve 2554 42

Lasko Wind Curve 2554 42" Tower Fan

This innovative fan allows you to sit back, relax and take a breath of fresh air. With its sophisticated Wind Curve Profile, Fresh Air Ionizer ...
  9 reviews
"Good summer equipment for the South"
Reviewed by HawgWyld
The remote is awful and the ionizer is suspicious, but a couple of these tower fans come in handy when high temperatures and humidity overwhelm your air conditioner.

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Honeywell HT-900

Honeywell HT-900 " Table Fan

The versatile aerodynamic wind tunnel design provides you with fast, focused cooling. The three speed motor (high, medium and low) allows you to find ...
  1 review
"Honeywell Table Fan Provides a Cooling-off Period"
Reviewed by merle_levy
At $12.99 (Walmart, July 2012), this little guy delivers. Its compact size allows you to place it where you need it without cluttering up your table or desk.

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Vornado V6 Fan

Vornado V6 Fan

Vornado proudly introduces an innovative personal air circulator with chic style. The Flippi V6 utilizes Vornado s signature Vortex Technology to ...
  1 review
"Vornado V6 Fan - Style over functionality"
Reviewed by phungus
There are much better fans available for roughly the same price.

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