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Air King 9214 14

Air King 9214 14" Floor / Box Fan

With almost 6,500 CFM, the Air King 9214 is excellent for commercial and utility jobs. High strength, black epoxy coated frame provides a sturdy ...
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"Probably last USA made high velocity fan"
Reviewed by vitara12
For a quality overbuilt fan made in USA, check out the Air King 9214.

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Air King 9212 12

Air King 9212 12" Floor / Box Fan

12 Industrial Grade Floor Fan - Ideal for use in offices, stores, garages, warehouses and any other industrial space that needs powerful air ...
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"Smaller brother to the Air King 9214 USA made"
Reviewed by vitara12
Looking for quality?  Then look at this fan, you won't be disappointed.
Air King FN12AK 12 Wall Mount Fan

Air King FN12AK 12 Wall Mount Fan

The 12 Oscillating Wall Mount Fan features a 3-speed 1/50HP motor with both pull chain and front mounted rotary controls and a 7' white power cord. ...

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Air King 9155 16

Air King 9155 16" Window Mount Fan

The fan housing is constructed of impact resistant plastic and the Stormâ„¢ Guard feature allows the window to be closed behind the fan without ...

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Lakewood P-25 20

Lakewood P-25 20" Floor / Box Fan

20" 3 speed rotary dial Whisper quit 5 paddle blade Permanent lubricated motor 3 conductor cord and plug 22"H x 21-1/2"W x 6-3/8"D
  1 review
"built tough but weak airflow"
Reviewed by jamesb2004
First, Im a fan fanatic. I own 6 box fans ( all lasko), 1 high velocity 20" (Aloha breeze), and 2 lasko "wind machines". . . .

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Air King 9723 20

Air King 9723 20" Floor / Box Fan

All Air King box fans are shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Perfect for shops, dormitories, offices, homes and other locations in ...
  2 reviews
"The King and I: Air King 9723 Floor / Box Fan"
Reviewed by jaiono90
This is a great product and is well worth the money.

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Air King 9016 16

Air King 9016 16" Wall Mount Fan

Ideal for workshops, health clubs, stores, classrooms, offices and other areas where there is limited floor or table space

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Lasko 9146

Lasko 9146 " Table Fan

Two whisper quiet, energy efficient speeds allows for personalized comfort. Easy grip rotary control. Zinc plated steel front grille with impact ...

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Air King 9166 20

Air King 9166 20" Window Mount Fan

The Air King 20" window fan has a rotary dial control with 3 speeds. Electrically reversible with a powerful motor which is overload protected. Fits ...
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"Great Air mover with a middling quality build"
Reviewed by p14001
Great at moving air, not so great at longevity.

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Air King 9525 9

Air King 9525 9" Floor / Box Fan

Air King Pivotal Portable Electric Fan is lightweight and provides multi-speed air circulation for homes, offices, stores, dormitories, and similar ...
Air King 9230 30

Air King 9230 30" Floor / Box Fan

For those really big jobs, the 9230 has a 30" blade and 1/4 hp motor to really move air. Black, epoxy coated, impact resistant metal frame stands up ...
  1 review
"This fan huffed and puffed and nearly blew my father's apartment away!"
Reviewed by PattyTherre
This thing sounds like a train and almost blew my father and his stuff away! Best for industrial areas not small apartments or homes.
Air King 9145 6

Air King 9145 6" Clip-on Fan

This 6 inch clip-on electric fan has strong spring-loaded clip that holds fan almost anywhere. Small electric fan featuring two-speed permanently ...

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Air King 9942 42

Air King 9942 42" Floor / Box Fan

42" Belt Driven Drum Fan
  1 review
"The Tim Taylor Fan"
Reviewed by am_47jazzman
Depending on the use this fan is awesome for it's power and size. If found for the right job, it could be of great benefit.
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