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Honeywell HW500

Honeywell HW500 " Window Mount Fan

Remote control window fan is perfect for the lazy days and people of summer. Just think, you don't have to move an inch off the couch to adjust the ...
Honeywell HT-908

Honeywell HT-908 " Floor / Box Fan

Year Round Energy Savings- Save 20% on Energy Bills when used with Air ConditionerIncreased Air Flows allow the air conditioning & heating ...
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"Value powerhouse for air circulation."
Reviewed by iridescentrose
This fan should not disappoint if you are looking for utilitarian value.

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Honeywell HS-1655

Honeywell HS-1655 " Stand (Pedestal) Fan

Keep cool with this stand fan that features 5 speed settings and oscillation to cover a wide area. Control the fan with the remote or the easy touch ...
Honeywell HF-910

Honeywell HF-910 " Floor / Box Fan

The Honeywell HF-910 TurboForce high velocity floor fan is powerful, quiet and designed to provide cooling and ventilation to large rooms. It can be ...

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Honeywell HT-904

Honeywell HT-904 " Table Fan

Product Features: Number Of Blades: 3 Blades; Speeds: 3 Speeds; Type: Table Fan

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Honeywell HY-013

Honeywell HY-013 " Tower Fan

Easy to Use push button controls with 3 speeds - low, medium and high. Oscillation for wide area cooling. Recessed carrying handle. 2 Hour auto ...

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Honeywell ht9700 Fan

Honeywell ht9700 Fan

Save up to 20 percent on energy bills when used in conjunction with an air conditioner. Plus, with the two speed motor (high and low) you'll be able ...

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Honeywell HT-900

Honeywell HT-900 " Table Fan

The versatile aerodynamic wind tunnel design provides you with fast, focused cooling. The three speed motor (high, medium and low) allows you to find ...
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"Honeywell Table Fan Provides a Cooling-off Period"
Reviewed by merle_levy
At $12.99 (Walmart, July 2012), this little guy delivers. Its compact size allows you to place it where you need it without cluttering up your table or desk.

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Honeywell HV-180 18

Honeywell HV-180 18" Floor / Box Fan

With powerful 3-speed motor, this Honeywell 18 in. commercial-grade floor fan is ideal for commercial and industrial settings. The easy-tilt head ...
Honeywell HT-9700

Honeywell HT-9700 " Tower Fan

Use as a fan for intense cooling power or as a whole room air circulator. Save up to 20% on energy bills when used with air conditioner.

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Honeywell Signature Series Triple Tower Fan

Honeywell Signature Series Triple Tower Fan

Honeywell Electronic Multi-Pivot Triple Tower Fan..3 independently controlled fans (triple tower); multidirectional airflow; fans pivot independently ...
  2 reviews
"Love this fan!"
Reviewed by shellydee
I've had this fan for a while and really like it. The only problem I find is that I don't know how to get to the blades to . . .

Lasko FAN WINDOW TWIN REVERS8'' 8" Window Mount Fan

The 8 Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan adds the convenience of in-window reverse and independently controlled motors, making it one of the ...

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Honeywell HY-108

Honeywell HY-108 " Tower Fan

Powerful, quiet, whole room cooling. Eight levels of quiet control, from white noise to whisper. Features digital temperature display, adjustable ...
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"A Quiet Tower Fan! (oops - sshhhh)"
Reviewed by geechong
I have finally found a quiet tower fan!
Honeywell HS-830

Honeywell HS-830 " Stand (Pedestal) Fan

Whether you want to keep cool in summer or warm up in winter, this air circulator can lend a hand while saving you money on power bills.Designed to ...
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"Good Concept, Bad in Use"
Reviewed by doggmatik
When I first saw this fan and read about how it was suppose to circulate the air I thought I was getting a well built fan . . .
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