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Lasko 2012

Lasko 2012 " Table Fan

12" White Oscillating Table FanThe 12" Table Fan is perfect when extra space is at a premium. With full, 90- oscillation, adjustable tilt-back, and a ...

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Lasko 2004W

Lasko 2004W " Table Fan

The Lasko 6" White Clip Fan can go almost anywhere, and its personal size makes it ideal for cramped quarters. For added versatility, the fan head ...

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Lasko 2002 6

Lasko 2002 6" Table Fan

The 6 Personal Fan is available in four, fun colors to suit your individual taste. It pivots up and down for focused, personal attention and even ...
  3 reviews
"My favorite little fan!"
Reviewed by tiffkop
Serves its purpose, inexpensive and best of all it cooled me off!

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Lasko 3723 20

Lasko 3723 20" Floor / Box Fan

It's a breeze to get cooled off this season with this 20" three-speed box fan. It's designed with steel box housing with baked enamel finish, five ...
  6 reviews
"Awesome Lasko 22" Box Fan"
Reviewed by termy
This is the best, most affordable, box fan I have ever bought. Its a pleasure to own and use, nothing better then Lasko!

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Lasko 4924

Lasko 4924 " Tower Fan

Same great power, new contemporary look. The HVB High Velocity Blower Floor Fan has the power of 20” High Velocity Floor Fan in a slender, ...

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Lasko 1646

Lasko 1646 " Stand (Pedestal) Fan

The LASKO 1646 16' pedestal fan is a great and affordable choice for home use as its rugged construction and superior material. This fan comes with ...

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Lasko FAN WINDOW TWIN REVERS8'' 8" Window Mount Fan

The 8 Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan adds the convenience of in-window reverse and independently controlled motors, making it one of the ...

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Lasko Breeze Machine 500 10

Lasko Breeze Machine 500 10" Floor / Box Fan

When you're looking for the ultimate personal cooling comfort, the Lasko™ Breeze Machine is for you. The small but mighty, 10" aerodynamic blade ...
  1 review
"Cool off in the summer heat with a new Breeze Machine!"
Reviewed by rgathright
The Breeze Machine can play a vital role in cutting your home electricity bills but it has several weaknesses.
Lasko 2137

Lasko 2137 " Table Fan

the versatile 7" twin window fan cools both day and night! set on exhaust during the day the fan creates a refreshing indoor breeze that expels ...

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Lasko Wind Machine 3300 20

Lasko Wind Machine 3300 20" Floor / Box Fan

The Wind Machine gets its powerful name from its powerful performance. Its three, high performance speeds will nearly blow you away.
  7 reviews
"If your wife is hot get her the Lasko Wind Machine"
Reviewed by texas-swede
The Lasko Wind Machine model 3300 is n efficient, affordable and robust floor fan that came in handy when the air condition was out.

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Lasko 9146

Lasko 9146 " Table Fan

Two whisper quiet, energy efficient speeds allows for personalized comfort. Easy grip rotary control. Zinc plated steel front grille with impact ...

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Lasko 505

Lasko 505 " Table Fan

10 Breeze Machine Fan with 2 whisper quiet speeds. Energy efficient operation. Full tilt for directing airflow. Lightweight and easily transportable ...

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Lasko 3637 Fan

Lasko 3637 Fan

Lasko s air flexor with remote control has compact power for any room and features three powerful speeds and full range pivot for extended air ...

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Lasko Wind Curve 2554 42

Lasko Wind Curve 2554 42" Tower Fan

This innovative fan allows you to sit back, relax and take a breath of fresh air. With its sophisticated Wind Curve Profile, Fresh Air Ionizer ...
  9 reviews
"Good summer equipment for the South"
Reviewed by HawgWyld
The remote is awful and the ionizer is suspicious, but a couple of these tower fans come in handy when high temperatures and humidity overwhelm your air conditioner.

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Lasko 1827

Lasko 1827 " Table Fan

18 Elegance & Performance Pedestal Fan stylish elegance grill blends into the surrounding décor, while three whisper-quiet speeds deliver ...

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