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Pelonis HC-451 Heater

Pelonis HC-451 Heater

With 1500 watts power, the Pelonis HC-451 heater delivers a powerful performance. For a reliable heating, this Pelonis heater works on the honeycomb ...
"Diminutive workhorse: small size, big heat, big noise."
Reviewed by aidansonoda
I've had this heater for years (perhaps 5). It appeared in my parents basement one day already dented and scratched, so I . . .
Pelonis HO-0221 Heater

Pelonis HO-0221 Heater

The Pelonis HO-0221 is available in three power options as per need and convenience, 600/900/1500 watts. This Pelonis heater comes with 3 heat ...
Pelonis HC441 Heater

Pelonis HC441 Heater

This Pelonis heater is a solid choice for providing proper heat during freezing weather. It's equal parts high-performing and rugged. This Pelonis ...
  4 reviews
"Provided plenty of heat for my office - Pelonis HC 441 Compact Ceramic Heater"
Reviewed by jps246
I think the Pelonis HC 441 is a great space heater that does what it’s supposed to do and should help to keep anyone warm
Pelonis HB211 Heater

Pelonis HB211 Heater

This Pelonis heater is robust, economical, and an elegant solution for producing waves of welcome warmth. Professionals, homeowners, and landlords ...
  3 reviews
"Pelonis Electric Compact Heater - Going Where No Heat Has Gone Before"
Reviewed by mmcphee
Our Pelonis Electric Heater is great for rooms of any size.
Pelonis WM-B-6A1 Heater

Pelonis WM-B-6A1 Heater

Wrap your room into a shield of warmth with the electric operated Pelonis WM-B-6A1 heater. Maintain your room temperature with the auto electronic ...
  7 reviews
"Best bang for your buck"
Reviewed by cawfeecup
I bought one of these in 1996 to heat my camper. The camper had worthless insulation but kept me warm with the campers small . . .
Pelonis WM-HO202C Heater

Pelonis WM-HO202C Heater

This Pelonis heater is economical, convenient, and a good solution for indulging you with cozy warmth when the temperature dips. Bringing you ...
  9 reviews
"Hands down worst service I've ever had."
Reviewed by sputnik69
So, the thermal limiter went in my oil rad.  All I want is to find out if they can sell me a replacement or if they . . .
Pelonis HO-0218 Heater

Pelonis HO-0218 Heater

With three power settings ranging from 600 W to 1500 W, the Pelonis HO-0218 heats up your space, only as much as you want. This Pelonis heater uses ...
  5 reviews
"Stay away from this heater"
Reviewed by mailman13856
I purchased this heater at WalMart this past fall season for about $40.  This was my first oil heat radiator unit.  . . .
Pelonis HC0109 Heater

Pelonis HC0109 Heater

Capable of giving you rapid warmth during freezing weather, this Pelonis heater is quiet and high-performing. This Pelonis heater is a great option ...
  1 review
"It does the job, but it's noisy!"
Reviewed by gemiemoore
We needed to replace a space heater that we used in the kitchen to supliment the central heating in the heated flat that . . .
World Marketing of America B-6A1 Pelonis Heater

World Marketing of America B-6A1 Pelonis Heater

Enjoy the warmth in your house in the chilly winters with the World Marketing of America B-6A1. With the powerful 1500 watts motor, this World ...

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