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Hasbro Play-It-Now MP3 Player

Hasbro Play-It-Now MP3 Player

  3 reviews
"ok product nothing to brag bout tho"
Reviewed by ghettogeek
I do not think this would be good for anybody over 9years old -and definintly do not buy if the kid wanted an ipod or mp3 . . .
Hasbro Massively Mini (128 MB) Digital Media Player

Hasbro Massively Mini (128 MB) Digital Media Player

Practical and transportable, this Hasbro 128 MB MP4 is a good solution for experiencing your music and videos. The Hasbro Massively Mini music ...
"Pictures, Videos, Music and a Radio, all in your pocket!"
Reviewed by boringmonkey23
I recommend this to all kids that enjoy music or videos because it is light weight, very durable and easy to use! It just isn't meant for adults.