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Apple iMac G3 M6709F/A 15 in. Mac Desktop

Apple iMac G3 M6709F/A 15 in. Mac Desktop

PowerPC G3 233 MHz, Apple MacOS 8.1, 32 MB, 4 GB hard drive, All-in-one, CD-ROM, 15 in. CRT Display
  2 reviews
"This Computer Is Still Great:"
Reviewed by in_correct
There isn't any technical support, but there is 3rd party support. I recommend this computer as a first computer, and as a supplemental computers.
Apple iMac G4 M6498 17

Apple iMac G4 M6498 17" Desktop - M8812LL/A (July, 2002)

The gorgeous 17-inch iMac desktop floors you with its flat panel, striking features that thoroughly compliment its performance. Along with sporting a ...
Reviewed by scribeofold
It's a good computer, unless you need a computer to play games on. Then grab a Windows.
Apple iMac 24

Apple iMac 24" Desktop - MB420LL/A (March, 2009)

Chuck your dated computer and bring home the Apple iMac MB420LL/A desktop computer. This Apple desktop computer has a 24-inch glossy screen that ...
"imac 24-inch"
Reviewed by kieferk
I would recommend this computer. the only time i would not recommend it is if you are going to be using it for games.
Apple iMac 24

Apple iMac 24" Desktop - MB325LL/A (April, 2008)

The Apple iMac G4 desktop features an Intel 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo processor that speeds up your computing work. With a 320 GB hard drive, this Apple ...
"Beats a PC hands-down"
Reviewed by keiths29
I'd had it with Windows and Microsoft, so I made the switch. It wasn't easier since all the IT at the university I work at . . .
Apple iMac 21.5

Apple iMac 21.5" Desktop - MC812LL/A (May, 2011)

Experience the power of an Apple iMac desktop. The Apple iMac 21.5-inch Desktop having an Intel Core i5 (Quad Core) 2.7 GHz processor, 4 GB DDR3 ...
Apple iMac 15

Apple iMac 15" Desktop - M9105LL/A (February, 2003)

The iMac comes with a unique design which makes it stand out among the regular PCs. The adjustable screen of this Apple Mac desktop lets you work for ...
"iMac 15 - Great Home Machine"
Reviewed by tolkien09
I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality home computer.
Apple iMac 17

Apple iMac 17" Desktop - MA199LL/A (January, 2006)

Stylish and powerful, the Apple iMac MA199LL/A is a 17-inch desktop computer powered by a 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo processor. The Apple iMac computer ...
Reviewed by jimipage
I have two, one at home, one in the office, both for very different uses and with different software packages. Both are regularly . . .
Apple iMac 24

Apple iMac 24" Desktop - MB418LL/A (March, 2009)

The Apple iMac MB418LL/A desktop, powered by 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, supports Bluetooth and wireless LAN networks, and is built for ...
"Best electronic purchase I've ever made"
Reviewed by tenandcounting
Best computer purchase I've ever made. Worth every penny- not going back to PC.
Apple iMac 15

Apple iMac 15" Desktop - M8492LL/C

The Apple iMac desktop computer features a 600-MHz PowerPC G3 processor for fast and reliable computing solutions. Storing your files, folders and ...
  7 reviews
"Macintosh Is So Stingy !"
Reviewed by mfry
Everything is so proprietary. The bundle package on the new units are a joke. They give you nothing. The .mac service costs . . .
Apple iMac 17

Apple iMac 17" Desktop - MA590LL (September, 2006)

Discover the world of Mac with the feature rich Apple iMac MA590LL/A. This Apple Mac Desktop sports a 17inch display which livens up each pixel to ...
"Great value second hand"
Reviewed by jonathan222
The Imac G5 is stunning. I purchased one from Ebay last year. You can buy these second hand for around 300 now. It . . .
Apple iMac 17

Apple iMac 17" Desktop - M9844LL/A (May, 2005)

Part of the Apple G5 series, the Apple iMac G5 (M9844LL/A) is powered by a 2.0 GHz processor that lets you blaze through your tasks. Integrated with ...
"iMac G5 review by Marktech"
Reviewed by imacmaster82
This is a good machine to get. Treat it well and so it will to you.
Apple iMac 15

Apple iMac 15" Desktop - M6709LL/B (October, 1998)

With a retro-futuristic look, the Apple iMac G3 (M6709LL/B) is a revolutionary computer. This Apple desktop is equipped with a high-speed processor ...
  3 reviews
"It's All Over Now, Bondi Blue: Apple iMAC Bondi Blue (M6709LL/B) Mac Desktop"
Reviewed by factotum
A bad Apple that has spoiled the bunch as far as I'm concerned
Apple iMac 15

Apple iMac 15" Desktop - M6709LL/A (August, 1998)

Incorporating the PowerPC G3 processor, the Apple iMac G3 M6709LL/A desktop PC renders great performance and functionality. Enjoy movies and games at ...
  4 reviews
"Apple IMac Computer"
Reviewed by heeheehaahaa
This future looking computer is very compact and attractive. The hard drive of the computer is built at the back of the monitor. . . .
Apple iMac 15

Apple iMac 15" Desktop - M7668LL/A (October, 1999)

Everyday computing tasks are a breeze with the Apple iMac G3 (M7668LL/A) computer. This Apple desktop is equipped with a high-speed processor that ...
  1 review
"A good old computer"
Reviewed by spetrusevski93
As I have already said if you want a computer for simple tasks this is the one for you.
Apple iMac 15

Apple iMac 15" Desktop - M7469LL/A (October, 1999)

Blaze through your everyday computing tasks with ease, thanks to the Apple iMac G4 (M7469LL/A). Part of the Apple iMac series, this Apple desktop is ...
  2 reviews
"More Bang for Your Buck: iMac G3 Desktop"
Reviewed by phoenixx
An excellent choice for someone starting up a creative business or a student in need of a reliable desktop
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