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Proview PX780 17

Proview PX780 17" CRT Monitor

  4 reviews
"Spiffy monitor for a spiffy price!"
Reviewed by sonichedgehog
If you're on a budget and you need a good quality monitor with good quality speakers, you can't do much better than this.
Proview PX 769 17

Proview PX 769 17" CRT Monitor

  1 review
"If you want to throw money away, throw it this way..."
Reviewed by trashmagnet
Not recommended, unless you enjoy the dealing with unsympathetic "customer service" robots, and the challenge of troubleshooting monitors.
Proview PS 715 17

Proview PS 715 17" CRT Monitor

  2 reviews
"Don't Do It!"
Reviewed by shopaholic02
DON'T BUY PROVIEW MONITOR! Mediocre product-total rip off warranty and nonexistent customer service/support. Spend more and get product that has a reputable company standing behind it.
Proview SA 770 17

Proview SA 770 17" CRT Monitor

  1 review
"A 17 in monitor that isn't worth the price of shipping"
Reviewed by whygog
Bottom Line? Pay no more than $30 at a yard sale.
Proview PX 770 17

Proview PX 770 17" CRT Monitor

  1 review
"Cheap Monitor with Mediocre Performance"
Reviewed by wangj1234
I only recommend you to buy if you want a very cheap monitor. The only advantage here is the price.
Proview PX-986 19

Proview PX-986 19" CRT Monitor

  1 review
"A 19" Monitor that Doesn't Act Like It"
Reviewed by nad_masters
Looks like a 19", feels like a 19", but doesn't act like a 19".
Proview PL 765 17

Proview PL 765 17" LCD Monitor

This 17-inch Proview monitor is made for people who want to upgrade their computer systems. It's both well-designed and adjustable. This Proview ...
  2 reviews
"Average. Good for my backup PC."
Reviewed by law84
Reliable monitor. Buy if you're on a budget.
Proview PL766S 17

Proview PL766S 17" LCD Monitor

  4 reviews
Reviewed by rudy_2002us
This is a great LCD Monitor, i have had it since November 29, 2003. I love it! it takes up no desk space at all, and is wall . . .
Proview PL566S 15

Proview PL566S 15" LCD Monitor

Boost your performance with the Proview PL 566s monitor, ideal for your business work. With a brightness of 200 cd/m2 and 300:1 contrast ratio, this ...
  3 reviews
"Keep looking."
Reviewed by obiwan1129
Poor sound/picture quality. Unreliable performance. Don't waste your money.
Proview PS 709s 17

Proview PS 709s 17" CRT Monitor

  1 review
"Great so far!"
Reviewed by deerhunter243
I just bought this monitor today, and it looks sharp. Nice colors(black case and silver around the screen) and shape. It . . .
Proview PS 909 19

Proview PS 909 19" CRT Monitor

  1 review
"Proview 19 inch Monitor"
Reviewed by gibbble
Owned this for almost two years now and it's been great. The auto standby mode works really well and powers up again easily . . .
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