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Samsung S24A850DW 24

Samsung S24A850DW 24" Widescreen LED LCD Monitor

Whether for playing games or watching your favorite movies, the Samsung S24A850DW is the perfect choice. With a resolution of 1920x1200 pixels, this ...

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Samsung SyncMaster 215TW 21

Samsung SyncMaster 215TW 21" Widescreen LCD Monitor

The Samsung SyncMaster 215TW is a pivoting 21" Wide analog/digital LCD display that offers a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 1680x1050 resolution, pixel pitch ...
"High Quality - Big Value"
Reviewed by j_sherry
I love this monitor. I am a graphics professional and wanted something good for the home office, without going too hardcore . . .
Samsung T260 26 inch LCD Monitor

Samsung T260 26 inch LCD Monitor

Widescreen LCD, 26 inch, 16:10, 7.29 mm, 5 ms
  1 review
"This is a great PC monitor, not just an HD TV!"
Reviewed by Jakeblack
Gorgeous, big monitor for your PC; great price. Strong performance for PC gaming. Beautifully styled case.
Samsung SyncMaster S27A850D 27

Samsung SyncMaster S27A850D 27" Widescreen LED LCD Monitor

The matte black Samsung S27A850D is a 27-inch LED monitor that offers you an excellent viewing experience, be it while surfing, playing games or ...

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Samsung 152T 15

Samsung 152T 15" LCD Monitor

  2 reviews
"Beware before buying Samsung LCD Monitors"
Reviewed by mcskumar
I bought a Samsung 152 T LCD monitor last saturday . When they sell they told this is brand new piece and no need to test . . .
Samsung SyncMaster E2020X 20

Samsung SyncMaster E2020X 20" LCD Monitor

Enjoy sharp and brilliant image quality with the Samsung E2020X LCD monitor that boasts a maximum resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. Featuring ...
Samsung E2420L 24

Samsung E2420L 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor

High performance monitors are now for everyone. The Samsung 20 series LCD display is designed for the style-conscious, with narrow bezels and sleek ...
  1 review
"No complaints"
Reviewed by syrinxza
For a cheaper monitor this Samsung fantasic monitor I got mine from PC world, who I find are sometimes expensive but . . .
Samsung S19C200BR 19

Samsung S19C200BR 19" LED LCD Monitor

Boasting a practical design with a stunning narrow bezel this monitor is perfect for educational purposes and public facilities. The Samsung SC200 ...

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Samsung SyncMaster 151B 15

Samsung SyncMaster 151B 15" LCD Monitor

This 15-inch Samsung SyncMaster monitor is effective, contemporary, and built for taking your computing experience to the next level and bringing you ...
Samsung SyncMaster 152B 15

Samsung SyncMaster 152B 15" LCD Monitor

Useful and full-featured, this 15-inch Samsung SyncMaster monitor is meant for power users wanting to upgrade their computer systems. The Samsung ...
  3 reviews
"Samsung SyncMaster monitors are a good choice for the 15-17" LCD range."
Reviewed by janqb
Buy it, you won't find a monitor with better image quality out there (except for a newer model Samsung).
Samsung SyncMaster S20A350B 20

Samsung SyncMaster S20A350B 20" Widescreen CRT Monitor

With a response time of just 5ms, the Samsung SyncMaster S20A350B monitor ensures you can enjoy even fast-moving action scenes and sports games ...
Samsung SyncMaster 151N 15

Samsung SyncMaster 151N 15" LCD Monitor

This 15-inch Samsung SyncMaster monitor is capable of taking your computing experience to a higher level and bringing you outstanding graphics as you ...
  2 reviews
"A good buy for home office"
Reviewed by kjmn
This monitor was purchased from a local computer store in Ottawa ON on their advice as good value for the money. My wife . . .
Samsung SyncMaster 151V 15

Samsung SyncMaster 151V 15" LCD Monitor

Get an ideal working space for your professional and office applications from the SyncMaster 151 V monitor. The display screen of this Samsung ...
  5 reviews
"Good "Bang for your Buck""
Reviewed by booboonrae
YES, buy this monitor if you want to SAVE money and desk space as well as MAXIMIZE viewing comfort/pleasure.
Samsung SyncMaster 152N 15

Samsung SyncMaster 152N 15" LCD Monitor

With a 15-inch wide screen display, the Samsung SyncMaster 152N monitor gives a clear and wide view of your data. The 0.5-inch ultra-thin bezel of ...
  5 reviews
"Entry-level LCD and a good value"
Reviewed by peacemonger
LCD technology in monitors is widespread. Samsung, in case you didn't know, is the leading manufacturer of these babies. . . .
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