Sony UVW1200 Betacam SP Player

Sony UVW1200 Betacam SP Player

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Product Details

Offering the high-quality video and audio of the Betacam SP format, the UVW1200 is designed to be an integral part of a professional distribution or post production system. It features built-in time base stabilizer, built-in time code reader, 90 minute playback, 16 times picture search, RS-232C remote interface, composite output, Y/C composite output, switchable component (Y, R-Y, B-Y) or RGB outputs. With the performance advantages of the Betacam SP format and its own features, the UVW1200 is a valuable addition to any visual communication system.Long operating time accepts both S-size and L-size cassettes, offering operating times of up to 30 minutes and over 90 minutes respectively.High quality audio, two longitudinal audio channels are provided. The high tape speed (118.6 mm/s) of the format and the adoption of the proven Dolby C-type Noise Reduction System provides the UVW1200 offers high quality audio with a wide dynamic range; even at high frequencies, there is minimum distortion and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. High speed picture search
the high speed picture search provides a recognizable picture at various speeds over a range of up to five times normal speed in color, and up to 16 times normal speed in monochrome, both in forward and reverse. Built-in Time Base Stabilizer
provides stable pictures without additional equipment. Advanced, high quality digital dropout compensation also ensures consistent picture performance. Built-in Time Code Reader: The Betacam SP format has an independent time code track; therefore, a longitudinal audio track does not have to be sacrificed for time code. A time code reader is built into the UVW1200. The time codes conform to the SMPTE standard, in which LTC and User-bits are provided. LTC is used to identify the absolute address of a frame, while User-bits are reserved for operator's use.