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Sylvania 6260VE VHS VCR

Sylvania 6260VE VHS VCR

  1 review
"Stop, don't play with this VCR!"
Reviewed by truthsayer
Skip this purchase. Both VCRs died within a 3-5 week period recording 1-2 shows/night. Not built to last.
Zenith VCS442 VHS VCR

Zenith VCS442 VHS VCR

  6 reviews
"Avoid this product..."
Reviewed by marylauren
I bought this VCR from Circuit City to play Disney videos for my granddaughter. It is a standard VCR, no bells & whistles. . . .
Sylvania 6260VF VCR

Sylvania 6260VF VCR

  2 reviews
"A sad, cheap future for the VCR"
Reviewed by wmcot
If you can get your old VCR repaired for the same price, do it. It will be a better quality VCR. Great if you can live with a throw-away VCR.