Uh Oh....Better get Maaco....hehe

Jan 8, 2001

Imagine this...the setting- a small convenient store in Philly...the mood-as calm as a day in Philly can be. My brother goes to work like he has every other day for the past month. He drives my mom's car to work just as he has before. Every thing seems the same...no one could have prepared him for what was about to happen in the next few minutes.

Outside of the store where my brother was working, two thugs begin to brawl...so what you say? It has nothing to do with my brother right? WRONG. Before anyone could do anything, one of the thugs (a majorly obese thug at that) is thrown up against my mother's 1999 Kia...

The damage- a dent in the fender, a broken and bent rear view mirror, and a horribly scratched up passenger side door.

What happens next you ask? Well, the cops finally show up on the scene...by this time the thugs are both long gone (probably never to be seen or heard from again)...and the cops say to my brother..."I'm sorry son, but there is nothing that we can do about the car because we weren't here to witness the damage."

Stupid Philadelphia police. This means that the insurance won't pay for the damage either because there is no claim.

So I come home from Tampa for winter break expecting my parents to give me a used car of some sort in order for me to commute to school this semester...I come home to find out that my mom's going to let me use her Kia...great...

So here I am in Tampa. My brother and I drove the whole 1000+ miles from Pennsylvania to Florida. He left the day after our arrival by plane, so I am stuck with this car with all of these damages...sure it runs ok...but....

What do I do? Well...I called Maaco...actually, I went to the Maaco on Fowler Ave. My dad was going to at least get the mirror fixed back home for an estimated 200, so was I surprised when the Maaco man said that he would replace the whole mirror for a mere 102 bucks...

I am counting on Maaco now for any of my car troubles. They give free estimates and work with your schedule and income. hehe. The auto body man at my Maaco in Tampa (we'll call him Nick..hehe) looked at my car and gave me a great packaged rate. He said he'd get the mirror replaced, the fender fixed and painted, and the door repainted and pin stripped, all for the price of 400 bucks. Think that is expensive? I think not...he knocked off the price of one hour of labor and took off additional fees because I am a college student with like no income.

Maaco provides quality service with great affordable prices. They provide just about every service from internal car repairs, to body work, to paint jobs.

My suggestion to anyone with car problems is to go to Maaco or to another large auto body shop...don't trust the little shops...they don't have many customers so they'll try to get the most out of each one that they have...trust me. I know from experience.

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