Marshall Engines Beware!

Jan 22, 2000

Marshall Engines are manufactured in Nebraska. They claim to have the best warranty of any engine manufacturer in the United States. This is not true! I purchased an engine from them in Dec.98. It was installed by the best mechanic in town and I received my truck back on Dec. 25,98. The truck ran great for 7,000 miles then the bottom dropped out. I was left stranded in Tennessee with this engine that supposedly had a nationwide warranty. Three different mechanics would not touch it. They had never heard of Marshall Engines. I rented a U-Haul truck and car carrier that cost me 500.00 so I could get my truck home to Indiana. When I contacted Marshall Engines I was told to purchase another engine from my local dealer , take it to the mechanic, let him install it, and then send the first engine I bought back to them. If they determined the engine failure was their fault, they would reimburse me the cost of the engine and installation. I bought one engine , so why would I want to buy another? I paid the mechanic once , so why would I want to pay him again? Marshall Engines finally after a week of fighting and arguing on the phone did send a replacement engine. Then they tried to bill me for it. And have yet to pay the mechanic for installing the second engine. The second engine is not right and as far as I'm concerned Marshall Engines sales nothing but junk and will not stand behind their product. I have learned that nothing you do will get their attention. All I did was drive the truck, the oil was changed after 500 miles and every 3,000 miles thereafter. Marshall Engines says the failure was not their fault. Needless to say, whatever happens to their product is not their fault, but whoever buys the product. This is one case where we will go to court, but since they have a nationwide sales base, you should be aware of their performance to handle consumer complaints. If I had to do it all over again, I would never have purchased their engine.

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