3,000 miles before your next oil change - No, you can go even longer now!

Nov 1, 2000

Did you know that you can go longer thank the traditional 3,000 miles between oil changes? The majority of drivers know that regular oil changes is one of the best ways to keep their vehicle running smoothly without problems. However, most do not know that they can run the oil much longer than the average 3,000 miles.

What You Should Know

First you need to know what the Owner's manual recommends. Many vehicle manufactures you will find are now allowing longer intervals between oil changes. Some will still say 3,000 miles while others will suggest a higher interval. It will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Secondly, Consider your driving style. Drivers who make frequent stops or drive in extreme heat or stop and go traffic will have to change their oil more frequently than someone who mostly highway travels. Keep in mind this means if you are a driver that is in stop and go traffic you will need to change your oil more frequently even if the owners manual does recommend 6,000 miles. To keep your engine protected and serviced properly you will need to have more frequent oil changes.

Third, Use oil and oil filters that are designed to last longer than the traditional 3,000 miles. You should know that Synthetic oils can handle higher temperatures and the stress of driving better than regular oil. There are also oil filters that are designed to take advantage of the longer oil change intervals allowed by the manufacture of the vehicle. Some name brand oil filters will provide up to 70 percent more dirt trapping capacity than regular filters. The longer a filter will trap the dirt, the longer your oil can protect the engine. This kind of filter will provide protection up to 7,000 miles. When these filters are used with synthetic oil, they help drivers get more time between oil changes than with the average filters.

Fourth, Change the air filter. An air filter that is functioning to its best capability will help keep the particles of dirt from entering the engine. This way your oil filter and oil will last longer.

Oil Changes that can take you the distance

For oil changes that will take you the longest distance while protecting your engine consider Synthetic Oil, an oil filter that is designed for longer usage and changing your air filter regularly. It would be pleasant to know you can see that 3,000 miles pass and know that you have a while yet before needing to get the oil changed. Especially knowing that your vehicle is receiving the proper maintenance and is protected.

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