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by oneloveone
I need to share this with anyone who is thinking about working with this company. I filed for bankruptcy a few yrs back and needed to get a van that I could retrofit for my handicapped child. Well about a yr into my loan I lost my job. I made several attempts to work with them for the missed payments. They would not work with me. So finally after all their harassing phone calls I told them to come and get the car.
Two yrs later they are still harassing me for the unpaid balance and threatening to sue me. I have been told I was lying about my child being deaf and blind, and in a wheelchair along with all of this other medical problems.
But of course they deny it was ever said.

This was my most recent conversation as of to day,
On June 20that approximately 3:30 p.m., I contacted Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS) and spoke to Hedi Garcia. I had to yell at her to give me her supervisor. I attempted to again make a settlement offer less then what they would take. He finally agreed to take a settlement but would not send me a settlement letter until I gave him a post dated check with my checking account info. When I told him I did not have an account but would send by western union or cashiers check the next day, I was told because I did not have a checking account they would not take a settlement but instead i would have to pay a $1000 MORE .
The manager stated he would talk to someone placed me on hold then came back stating after reviewing my account CPS would not be able to provide a settlement.
When asked why I was not able to receive a settlement offer letter before sending money I was told it would be a waste of time and money and how did he have a guarantee that I would send the money anyway. I was then told CPS would not send a settlement letter without my checking account information given 1st. When I asked to speak to his supervisor (the decision maker) I was hung up on.
Plus they have been treating to sue me for the last 1 1/2.
I know they where just trying to get access to my checking account so they could take what they wanted. Plus when I questioned him about it I was told it was illegal to do that Yah right I have read so many stories on these sites about them taking money from people like this. Now I am just waiting to see if I will be sued. I don't have anything and if they sue me I will be homeless with my handicapped child because I don't have any money to pay this off.
He then stated I was in the business of using people and liked taking things from people. When I told him his company sucked he told me they must be doing something right because they have been in business for the last 20 yrs and bought out two other companies.
I wish someone could find a way to file a class action law suit about them.
Jun 20, 2012
7:18 pm PDT

Re: DO NOT let CPS finance your car
by mrstwm
This company really needs to go out of business.
When we asked for a payoff it was for a ten day payoff. The only reason I knew to ask for a 10 day is because I worked at a bank for 20 years and knew the term. They need a ten day because they take into consideration how long it takes for them to receive payment. They are suppose to then issue a refund of any overpayment, good luck with that one.
After my daughter paid off the loan she received the loan paperwork with paid in full stamped across the front. She also received her title. Two months later she received a bill from CPS for unpaid insurance and late fees. Excuse me, what unpaid insurance, (my daughter had her own insurance) and what late fees. The loan was already paid off. These were new late fees. I laughted at the lady on the phone and told her to go ahead with whatever she thought she could do. She even threatened to repo the car. I told her again to go ahead. That it would be called Grand Thieft Auto. They had already signed off on the title. These guys are not very smart, to say the least. I haven't heard from them since.
Mar 24, 2008
12:28 pm PDT

DO NOT let CPS finance your car
by cpssux
When my wife and I got married we were young and didn't have the best of credit. We worked on this, but didn't qualify for anyone except CPS according to the dealership where we purchased our latest vehicle.
We didn't know anything about CPS at the time, so we signed and took the car. What a mistake. We have had nothing but problems from CPS. If you are even 1 day late you are charged fees. There is no grace period as some companies offer. If your payment is due on a Saturday or Sunday, you better make sure that it is in their office on Friday or they will call and hit you with a late fee.
During the time of our loan I got laid off. I went from making decent money to less than half of that on unemployment. Things were tight. We had to juggle bills and most of the people we dealt with, utilities, rent, creditors, etc., were understanding and offered deferments or options to make our payments. Not CPS. We got 6 weeks behind on our car payment and they sent someone to repo the car. I contacted them and offered a partial to pay the payment in 2 partial amounts. Nope, they don't accept partial payments. We had to borrow the money from family to get everything straightened out with them.
I got another job and we got caught up on our bills and everything was great. Then we had a major engine problem with the vehicle that cost us $3000 to fix. I tried to be proactive and contact CPS. I was told I could get a deferment for the following month's payment. I thought that maybe because I was proactive that things were different, I was wrong. I was told they would need a faxed copy of the repair receipt, 6 references, and pay about $60 to get a deferment. This is more than we had to do to buy the damn car! I said forget it and I would figure something out.
I decided to go to my local bank and get a loan to pay CPS off and get away from them. I called CPS to get the payoff amount and took that to the bank.I was given an amount and the bank told me a loan could be done. We did the paperwork for the new loan and thought everything was good. My bank called CPS to get the total payoff on the day that they were going to cut the check for CPS. Suddenly, there were additional fees for late payments and other things that jumped the amount of the payoff by nearly $4000! The bank president called and said that the amount it was going to take more than the loan value amount and it was not possible.
So here I am stuck for what I assume is another 1 1/2 years with CPS. I can't trade the car in, get a loan to pay it off, and from what I have heard about CPS, there will be more fees accrued on top of the amount I owe.
Never use CPS it is not worth the hassle!
Mar 21, 2008
10:30 am PDT

Re: Re: Re: unprofessional employees
by ccquilter
I'm right there with ya about CPS. I noticed 2 strange vehicles in my driveway one day and got a sick feeling in my stomach. They were taking pictures and one of the men was on a cell phone the entire time they were there. They parked one car and got into another and started driving. Feeling unsafe and scooped up my child and got in the car and left the house. As soon as I pulled out on the the main road...the second vehicle was behind me following me, turn for turn. Long story short. I was in the process of borrowing the money to pay of my car ( financed through CPS) so I could escape the harrassment and rudeness. So I call them and let them know I will be paying the car off and what is the PAYOFF amount. I was given an amount, I borrowed THAT amount and paid THAT amount. Today I call to give a reference code to show payment, I get word that I still owe them money. They stated that I was not given the PAYOFF, I was given the Principle balance. Mind you, I called 3 days in a row and asked for the PAYOFF amount. So I let the person on the phone know this and all of the preceeding about the "followers" and they had the nerve to tell me that I need to check my past because there my be someone else following me because they had not sent my claim to Recovery yet. That is very funny to me, seeing as though, one of the people that I had talked to in the past 3 days, was a part of their "recovery Department".
So upon asking to speak with someone higher up, I was still given the same run-around about it being my fault that one of their Reps gave me the wrong amount...I begin to fume. I was given the answer thT I did not request a 10 Day PayOff amount. Well, heck no, I asked, "How much to pay the car off today?" Not 10 days from in the car and went and paid said amount.....Still owe more money...amd I gonna pay it...NO.....have I contacted an attorney...yes!!
Moral of the been stated before.....if yo see the letters CPS on any paper work when you buy a car...get you butt to another dealership or tell then no way are you going to finance with that company.
Spend you money on a bus pass, bicycle,skateboard and pads, or buy you a new pair of sneaker and hoof it to where you need to go!!!!
I wish I had know about what a shotty company CPS was before I signed on that line!!!
Feb 19, 2008
12:31 pm PST

Re: Re: Re: unprofessional employees
by mrstwm
If you co signed for your daughter you will be hounded and hounded if she is even one day late on a payment. These people don't care about anyone but themselves. If she can get another loan with anyone else, except Beneficial, (their interest rate can be as high as 29%), pay off CPS as quick as you can. I had never had to deal with people like these and don't ever want to again. They are worse then Reliable Credit, and they are pretty bad.
Feb 10, 2008
2:37 am PST

Re: Re: unprofessional employees
by choctaw053
My daughter just bought a car and the dealership did not give a chance for anyone else they just used consumer portfolio services. Because my daughter credit they said was not good ( she has never bought anything on credit) they charged her 20.20%. And I had to co-sign with her. Is there any others who have the same or about the same rate she has?
Feb 9, 2008
9:44 am PST

Re: unprofessional employees
by mrstwm
I had dealt with CPS because of my daughter. She needed a car and the company that sold her the car went through CPS. The check written for the down payment on the car came from my account. I had not signed anything but her car ended up on my credit. They had gotten my personal information from the credit union I was using. I no longer use that credit union.
My daughter, not the most diligent person, fell behind on payments. The company would call me at work, home, even when I was in the hospital recovering from surgery. They are horrible people. They told my daughter she better give blood to get money for her payments. They told her she was a bad parent because she couldn't pay her bills.
They use the name Consumer Portfolio Services so they can use the initials CPS. any parent seeing CPS on their caller ID is going to answer the phone.
I checked with the BBB and found them to have a F- rating.
I was tired of the garbage phone calls, of them saying my credit was ruined because of my daughter, of the threats to repo the car or garnish my wages. I called the company headquarters and spoke with a VP in charge of CPS California division. I can't remember his name but he was in Chicago. The company wanted over a thousand dollars when my daughter only owed 300. This gentleman in Chicago told me to deal directly with him and he would deal with California. The car was paid off and in fact we received a check back from CPS for overpayment.
Then I went to refi my house. My credit report showed I owed 1466.00 to CPS so they sent them a check. I called Chicago and after 3 weeks got the check back. I also got a letter from CPS that I should send to Jay Leno. It came in a certified envelope and looked very important. I thought what the heck are they wanting now? The letter inside stated "You owe $0.00. Please pay this amount $0.00 or your credit will be affected. If you need assistance with your payment please call 800. This is an attempt to collect as debt."
This all occurred a few years ago.
We recently refied again and guess what was on my credit report. CPS saying I owe them 1466.00.
I ran another credit report through a different company and it came up saying paid. I had to submit the paid report to my mortgage company or else they would have sent CPS another check and I would have had to fight for my money again.
I wonder if anyone has a good report about this company.
Oct 23, 2007
10:43 am PDT

unprofessional employees
by passsgass
these are some of the most unproffessional rudist people that i have dealt with they tell you that if you are going to be late with your payment to call and let them know and when you do they tell you things like if you could not afford the car you should not have gotten it and they called my job and threatned to tell the general manager of the hotel that i work at that i do not like to pay my bills.they talk to you as if you were trash.i would love to see this company of unproffesionals go out of business
Oct 22, 2007
4:50 pm PDT

cps is wrong
by ih8cps
we got a car through cps 2 years ago and yes we fall behind in our payments a lot but this time we really fell behind so finally i had the money to make a payment now and another in 2 weeks i asked them to cash it on payday only to find out they tried cashing it 2 days before so they called and asked why i had no money in my account and i said well i told you to take it out on Friday they grumped about it saying i said they could take it that day i said no i didn't so they said o.k. on Friday? i said yes on Friday the next day Thursday they tried again they called again and now I'm getting grumpy i said Friday they said no you said Thursday its right here in our computer i said well your computer is wrong Friday came and went and they didn't take the payment or call i left the money in the bank for a week knowing if i touch it they will try to take it well they didn't so today a week and a half later they call all mad saying there going to take the car and that I'm avoiding there calls they even called my mother i get home from work and call them they send me to the repo dept. and i say i can make a payment they say we need at least the two months and i said i cant do that i can do one now and another in 2 weeks they say let me get it approved!....oh damn they must have pushed the wrong button i call back i say I'm ready to make a payment they say how would you like to pay? i said check by phone they said we cant do that you bounced the last two times i said that wasn't my fault you guys tried to take it out on the wrong days then they say no we didn't we tried on the days you told us to take it out by this time I am getting mad i said well how am i suppose to pay it they said money gram or western union so i said o.k. that will cost me more money i don't have how about my bank card? they said we cant do that you bounced the last two times........I'm starting to growl.....i said I'm trying to pay this and you guys wont let me? they said you have to western union the payment i said i cant get to a store my wife has the car and she wont be home till 2am and you guys wont be there then....then the guy gets all mad and hangs up on me....i call back now some lady picks up who doesn't speak English well and i cant understand her and shes mad and wont let me talk not one word she says i need to free up the line for people who want to pay there bills i said i want to pay my call back they pick up the phone just to hang it up again i call back i get a calm person who connects me to another what seems to be calm person who says they will call me back in 20 minutes well that 20 minutes has now been 7 hrs. and counting i want to pay my bill thats all I'm doing the best i anyone out there trying to get a car or whatever don't go through consumer portfolio services
Aug 16, 2007
10:22 pm PDT

by tcm71
I feel your pain! I have been harassed constantly on a daily basis from this company. I can't wait to refinance with someone else. I don't see how they can still stay in business with their crooked tactics. I've reported them to the BBB and the Attorney General's office. I've had it with them.
Aug 14, 2007
1:27 pm PDT

by confusionlives
Dealing with this company has been an absolute nightmare!!!!! I unfortunately don't have the best credit and was not aware of what I was getting into when I signed on with these people. It makes me feel a little better that I am not the only person who would rather ride the bus than take the b.s. these people serve! In May 07, I was trying to make a payment but did not have their address in front of me. I went on-line to find this address and the only listed the Irvine, CA address. This is where I sent it to to avoid being harassed on a daily basis. I later discovered that the correct place to send payment was in Arizona. I called CPS and their representative said that there was no way that they would ever apply the check because I had sent it to their corporate office and the best thing was to make a payment as soon as possible. Dumb me, thought okay I will just give them the check number that they claimed they would never see(to avoid overdraft you can't cash the same check twice). Lo and behold the next Friday I discover that my account was almost $400 in the negative. I immediately got them on the phone and asked how this could have happened. The representative never referenced that check number so it looked like I had decided to pay them twice in one month. I explained what their person had told to me and they said it didn't matter and there was nothing that they could do. I had to go to my bank and get them to yank that money back otherwise I would have had no gas, food, or anything else for that whole week and then some. Dealing with them from the beginning, they call you if your payment is not received on the due date. They call you in the morning, in the afternoon, on your work, cell, home and anything else numbers. I decided to refinance and go with a different company. They gave the company the wrong pay-off amount. So then I was getting harassed to pay the difference. I could not make this payment in one lump sum so I got phone calls at least 10 times a day trying to get me to make the full payment. And then I get a message on my work phone stating that they were scheduled to pick my car up. I had $200 left to pay them!!!!!! I called and asked these people to allow me to make payment on Friday. (this was Wednesday) and they stated that would be fine. I got yet another message Thursday afternoon. So I had to break my neck to make a payment to them on Friday to prevent them from taking my car. When I called in to give them the reference#, she asked how much I had sent I told her the amount that I was given on Wednesday when I spoke with the recovery manager. She said that there was a difference of .18cents but she would notate it on the account. I am still not done with these people because I just called them to make sure they were sending my Lien information to my new company and she again mentioned the $.18!!! And this B----, had the nerve to say that since they had to wait for payment it would be at least 2-3 weeks before my current loan holder would receive paperwork. I can't believe the nerve of these people. I pray that I am finally done with this rude, incompetent, harassing company!!!
Jul 30, 2007
12:20 pm PDT

CPS is a bad choice!!!
by art1syd
My husband and I have a car financed with CPS. It has been 4 long terrible years. We have had nothing but problems with them. They are too numerous to mention. Please whatever you do, do not let a dealship talk you into financing with this company. I can assure you, they are not interested in your needs. I can't believe in this day and age, this kind of consumer "rape" is legal. Please, please beware!
Feb 13, 2007
9:35 am PST

Hateful CEO
by minorfamily
I am an owner of an auto repair facility. We had a customer come in to get Warranty work done on his vehicle. The warranty company was horrible to work with and only paid part of the customer's bill. The customer call his lien-holder which happened to be CPS to see if they could cancel his warranty and give him a refund. After he explained the situation Charles Bradley who is the President/CEO of CPS called me. He told me that we were only in the business to rip people off, that I was a liar, he made fun of me, and in the end made a complete unprofessional fool of himself. What makes this even worse is that he is the "top-dog" of the company so I couldn't even file a complaint to anyone about his behavior! Needless to say, I will be reporting this to the BBB and anywhere else I can. They have not been helpful at all to the customer and let them know they could cancel the warranty but would not get their $1900 refunded! Be safe rather than sorry and DO NOT let CPS finance your loan!
May 31, 2006
8:48 am PDT

Re: Stay Away from CPS ..............
by mrstwm
It is the soul purpose of CPS to hire the rudest, most incompetent,uncaring, irresponsible, meanest people they can find and they do a darn good job of it. My daughters loan was finally paid in full. After I contacted the corporate office in Chicago and spoke to a vice president in the company. You get phone calls from the head honchos when you complain to the better business bureau. Did you know that CPS gets a F rating from the BBB. Anyway, after my daughters loan was completely paid in full they sent her the title to her car and a copy of her loan paperwork with the words Paid In Full stamped across. Then 3 weeks later she gets a bill from CPS for $650. For what you ask, so did we. It's for insurance on the car. Excuse me, what insurance. we had our own insurance on the car, which now is not running. Murphy's Law. The car is paid for and now it doesn't work. WE contacted the Chicago office and they have no record of any such bill. What are they trying to do? How can they send a bill when the paperwork is stamped paid in full and they have already signed off on the title? Their response in California was that they would take us to court. Please do. They will be sued by us if they even try it for harassment. We may sue them anyway for harassment. This has gone far enough. I would rather walk or take the bus then deal with these people again.
Nov 22, 2005
11:34 pm PST

Stay Away from CPS ..............
by yojeffrey
This company does NO WRONG !! Believe me ! I had a loan with CPS for over a year. I made all my payments " ON TIME " the whole time . Then my truck was stolen and they told me I had to make payments or they would reflect it against me on my credit report. I paid them for 6 months and then my insurance company paid all but $1600. There was a GAP Insurance Company that was supposed to take care of the rest of it , but I have no clue what happened.I could never get ahold of anyone that could tell me anything about what was going on , and when I finally did there was only 1 person that I could possibly talk to that could tell me anything . Then I had to call everyday , I left messages , and never got call backs , NOTHING !!
I got NOWHERE until I demanded to talk to this guy.
CPS didnt send me 1 bill after my insurance company paid them , and they insisted they did . THEY DIDNT !! I get my mail EVERYDAY , and I never got ANYTHING !! Im not stupid !! How are they gonna tell you they were sending them and , you know they didnt ?? I guess there was some clown somewhere collecting my CPS bills , but let the rest of my mail come to me !! I had no clue there was $1600. left on the loan until I talked to this clown . I would have paid it! Why pay all that time , and 6 months afterwards ( when I didnt even have the truck) and then not pay a whole $1600. ??? I always got my bills before ,and I know when it was transferred to their claims department they , or he screwed up and took me out of the mailing system. Play it off CPS !! Its okay though , I have learned from talking to some folks that I can and I will be pressing charges against them .Since , now they are making sure they are reporting me late , and adding additional charges against me for late fees and whatever else they come up with. Dont take their bull , thats all they give you !! And to think , these are PEOPLE behind the scenes ,all about being the ones who are right . NOT THIS TIME !!! STAY AWAY FROM CPS !!!!
Nov 21, 2005
6:44 pm PST

Re: Say no to CPS financing
by mrstwm
CPS financing first off needs to change their initials. When you are a single mother of 4 and CPS calls you automatically think Child Protective Services, but I think that's what CPS wants so you will answer their calls. This company is awful to say the least. Do not use them if at all possible. My daughter got a car over 5 years ago from a dealership that went through CPS although at the time they had a different name (Mercury Finance). The loan matured and she was told she owed $1400. Now in my experience if a loan matures it is paid for, done, over with. Not in this case. CPS says its because of late fees. My daughter has only been late once during the whole 5 year loan. CPS said they would carry the remainder of the loan and she could just make her regular payments until October when the whole thing should be paid for. Notice they said should not would. Not having any other recourse she said OK. Now we are getting phone calls saying she is 40 days past due, which she is not and she has to make post-dated checks for payments over the phone which cost $5 extra. They call saying they are going to repo the car and even one of their CSR's called and told my daughter she should go give blood so she could get the money to make her car payment when it was already made. These people are unbelievable. I'd rather take the bus.
Jul 12, 2005
11:37 am PDT

Re: Say no to CPS financing
by mrstwm
Unfortunetly My daughter got involved with CPS because of her credit. I had promised my husband I would not co-sign for her loan so I became a "check signer". It was explaned to me that because my daughter didn't have a checking account at the time I could just make the payments out of my account for her. Boy was I stupid on that one. I am now considered the main borrower on this account. Your right in the fact that they are the rudest, crudest and most uncaring company I have ever known. We have sited them with harassment charges and am in the process of doing it again. For the past 2 months we have received letters stating that our loan is past due and that the payment was due 2 weeks after the date of the letter. For instance, a letter dated October 22,2004 said the payment WAS due November 1, 2004. The amount due is $0.00. We owe nothing and a payment is not even due. The phone number they give us for questions is 800. That's it just 800. Are these people crazy? This is harassment, and because it's through the mail it becomes federal. They also talked my daughter into sending them a postdated check. They promised it would not be put through until the date on the check. WRONG. They put the check through with her current payment. She is now ahead on her payments but that check cleared and caused her account to go overdrawn. She had 2 overdraft fee for $33.00 each. The company when contacted said "Oh Sorry, but now your ahead on your payments and we can't pay for your overdrafts because a postdated check is actually illegel. The nightmare with this company continues. My suggestion is TAKE THE BUS.
Oct 28, 2004
9:20 am PDT

Say no to CPS financing
by firefli73
I can relate to all three of the stories submitted about Consumer Portfolio Services. My husband (now ex-husband) and I had terrible credit and Consumer Portfolio Services was one, possibly the only, company that would finance a car for us. Everything was fine until we were literally one day behind in the payment. A payment which was even more than the price of our rent! They are relentless in calling you at work, at home, calling your references and even calling your place of employment and requesting to speak with your supervisor. I would speak with them and ask them to please not call me at work and it never stopped them. They are rude, unprofessional and completely insensitive to hardships. They became so harassing at my place of employment, that my supervisor finally got on the telephone with them and told them to stop calling me at work or I would lose my job and would never be able to make my car payment! They finally repossessed the car after my husband got into an accident was deemed permanently disabled and unable to work. That was 2 yrs ago and even today I just got a letter from their attorney informing me that they would be suing for the difference still owed after the re-sale of our car and as my (ex)husband is disabled, they would be attaching my wages instead. There is not a car out there worth the hassle, embarrassment and stress created from dealing with these people.
Jun 19, 2004
1:45 am PDT

by neecerwil
Just a quick bit of advice-stay as far away from CPS for financing as possible! They begin harassing you the day after a payment is due if they haven't received it, they are very nasty, hard to deal with, hard to get a hold of. They call you at bedtime, on Sundays, you name it. What's worse-if they can't get a hold of you, they call your references from your original application and they TELL THEM ALL OF THE DETAILS OF WHY THEY'RE LOOKING FOR YOU!!! I thought that was illegal-I'm looking into it! Of all people they decided to call, they chose my FORMER LANDLORD, who was also a co-worker, unfortunately, and we now detest one another-and told her that I was behind on a payment and so on-and she's the type who runs her mouth ALOT-and she's around people that I work with-well, you can imagine.
If all of that weren't convincing enough, they charge an OUTRAGIOUS INTEREST RATE and if you are late they're making scads off of you and charging you various 'fees' that you have no clue as to what they're for.
Take my advice and stay away from them. You'll be very sorry if you get lured in and let them finance anything!!!!
Jan 6, 2004
2:39 pm PST

Consumer Portfolio Services- Walk, don't ride
by Hale7266
I finally found a website that I can relate too regarding CPS. I totally agree with Pookie5395. They will not work with the customer but will constantly harrass you and they squeeze harder than the IRS does! My spouse was laid off of work for 3 months. I realize he isn't on the original loan app., but CPS took a joint check as payment. when I asked them to defer a payment they said not no but hell no! I was honest and up front and told them what happened and was told by CPS that they can only defer a payment if the vehicle had major mechanical problems or if I had an illness that didn't allow me to work. This had to be done with written document, which I could of obtained both as I work for a medical company and my spouse is a mechanic. But I chose to tell the truth but now wished I hadn't of. I have about a year left on this note and I will be soooo happy to pay it off. Other companies worked with me and deferred payments, but not CPS. I can't say what I really think about CPS because I will get booted off the internet. Except they do suck and STAY AWAY FROM CPS!!!
Nov 27, 2000
1:28 pm PST