Red-Head Steering Gears

Mar 23, 2000 (Updated Mar 25, 2000)

If you ever need to replace a steering gear, I highly recommend calling Red-Head Steering Gears. We had to buy a new steering gearbox and first called the dealer. After picking myself up off the floor, after falling off my chair for being told a new gearbox would cost nearly $2,000.00 (does not include labor) we began looking around for a rebuilt one. After calling a few parts stores and a few shops we knew and trusted, most all of them mentioned Red-Head Steering.

We called there and found the price of a remanufactured steering gear was a FRACTION the cost of a new one - about $375.00 (again, does not include labor.) The people there were very friendly, very knowledgeable and even better, they had the one we needed in stock!

They are in Seattle, WA and I think they have a website.

Just an idea: check for the possibility of a remanufactured item before buying a brand new one from a dealer! You could save yourself a ton of money!

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