Best Relief After Too Much Sun

Sep 30, 2000

Well I live in the Sunny South and I am about as white as the page I am writing on when I have not been in the Sun for awhile. So that makes it really bad when I have to be out in the Sun for a long time like for a Picinic or Beach or even in the pool for hours.

But since I am very Fair I have always had to deal with Sun Burn. The Pain, Blisters or just the Reddness from too much sun.

Here are some things that I have found that work for me.

1. You can get relief from using Vinagar, Plain or in Bath Water. You will smell like a Salad but it will take the pain and sting out for awhile. You may have to apply it or soak in it several times before totally relieved. Helps alittle if you are forming blisters but not enough for me.

2. You can use Noxsema Cream if you are able to rub it on your skin. Rub a generous amount on your skin and it will relief alot of the pain and sting and give you a nice cooling effect. But good luck trying to get it on and off if you are forming blisters.

3. You can use the Sun Burn Relief Spray. The are quite a few on the market and all are very costly and I would recommend almost any of them that had Lidocaine in them. This will relieve the pain and sting.
I found that if I am forming blisters that the Sprays make the area all crusty and nasty.

4. Baking Soda Baths are also helpful to relief the Pain and Sting. But no relief with blisters.

5. Oatmeal Bathing solutions help with the pain and sting but again not with the blisters.

6. Bactine will help to numb the pain and aid in healing. This is great for small areas. Helps to prevent infection too.

7. Sea Breeze is also good for relieving the pain and sting and helps to dry out the blisters.


Fruits of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel. This is the best product for all burns whether it be sun or burning yourself on the stove. But I found for Sun Burn you can not do any better than this product.

It will help with the pain and the sting. It will aid in healing. The best thing is when you have a really bad sunburn if you get the Fruits of the Earth gel on right after sunning, it will help not to get the blisters and if the blisters do appear they will not be as bad.

This gel will help get the blisters to drain and helps keep the skin moist while it is healing and also helps to turn it all into Tan while healing.

Helps to prevent too much peeling so you don't lose your whole tan and get all blochy. It is probably the greatest product for Sun Burn.

I have used it on my Children also and it really helped. It has a cooling effect and numbs the pain.

If you burn easy, I would not be without this product ever.

Keep in the methods that I use may not be for everyone and when I refer to blisters. This would be a very mild case of them. If you have large blisters or heavy duty sunburn you should go seek medical attention.

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