The Cure For Cracked And Bleeding Feet.

Oct 30, 2000 (Updated Jun 13, 2013)

The Bottom Line You don't have to be in agony with dry feet any more!

The last thing I expected to happen to me from my daily walks on the beach were dry, cracked and bleeding feet. I always wore a hat to protect my hair and sunscreen to protect my arms and legs but my feet were getting the third degree. Face it, you can’t walk in sand with shoes on unless you want to be cleaning it up for the next few days.

I have tried several different products to help my dry skin; all of them worked to a certain degree but each had a specific draw back. Most lotions worked well but left my feet greasy and resulted in every piece of hair in the carpeting or on the floor being glued to my feet. Not a nice feeling at all. I tried Freeman's Bare Foot Plum & Pumice Foot Scrub after a friend recommended it. This is a great product for removing small amounts of dry skin but it wasn’t strong enough to really clear away the mass amounts of dry skin I had accumulated.

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