Treat Your Face Like A Giant Hemorroid and Look 10 Years Younger

Sep 24, 2000 (Updated Feb 27, 2001)

The Bottom Line It is hardly ever to early to start taking good care of your skin.

I realize that a lot of people are not going to believe this. It is the truth. You can ask your doctor.

If you want to banish wrinkles from the start get yourself a tube of Preparation H. Preparation H is normally for Hemorrhoids but it can also be used for wrinkles. It is cheaper then a face lift and not as painful.

You do not have to buy the name brand either, buy the generic form of it. It is much cheaper and has the same thing in it. I would not advise using a suppository but if that is the only thing that you have around it canít hurt.

How do you use this on your face? Well you squeeze it out of the tube and apply it to the wrinkle. You should apply it to the wrinkle where the wrinkle is starting. This will stop the wrinkle in its tracks. If you have only a suppository then squish it with your warm finger till it turns to goo.

With age there comes wisdom, I am sharing this with you. You too can look 10 years younger. At the Clinic picnic one of the medical assistants daughters asked her mother how old I was and did not believe her. Is this because I do not act my age? No, this is because I treat my face like a giant Hemorrhoid. You should too.

O.K. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, While you are treating yourself to the hemorrhoid treatment you should relax, sit back or lay back and put a cucumber on each eye. This will reduce the swelling around your eyes. It will feel wonderful. Donít put the Preparation H, around your eyes. That is dangerous. Try not to get it into your mouth also.

When I do my Preparation H treatments, I use that time as my pampering time. Just to relax.
Sometimes I go and soak in the tub and sloth the skin off my feet. The dry skin. Off my heel that is. Not my whole foot. That would be gross.

I know that this might not paint a pretty picture of me soaking in the tub trying to get the dry skin off my heels but hey someone has to do it. Alligator heels are ugly and very unattractive.
O.K. so you have laid there and you have done the cucumber treatment and the skin slothing off your feet. Donít take the Preparation H off your face yet. It is not ready. Leave it on longer. Go and write an epinion about a pain medication or one of your pets. Or you can listen to music. Just donít do anything stressful. You will be defeating the purpose of the Preparation H treatment.

You can chant while you are just relaxing. Do leg lifts and arm lifts. This is a great time to tighten up the flab under your arms. If you are cursed with chin hairs, this is the perfect time to pluck them out of thee.

O.K. The time has come to take the preparation H off your face, Get your husbands unscented shaving lotion and wash it off with that. Pat your faces dry. It will feel like a babies bottom.
Havenít you ever noticed how soft a manís face is after shaving with shaving cream? That is because the cream makes it soft. You have to try it. It is wonderful. You may never give the can back to him.

If you already have bad wrinkles, then get busy and start this right away. Time is of the essence here. If you donít have any yet but there is a history of it in the family then start it now.
Let me know how well this works for you. I am sure you are going to be amazed.

I hope that I have at least helped one person here. If only one person benefits from this, then my job has been done.

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