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How To Choose A Moisturizer

How should I choose a moisturizer?

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by Ladysmom
Mar 10, 2001 Choosing a Moisturizer
The Bottom Line Make sure it protects from UV light to help reduce the signs of aging and skin cancers. ... read full review
Very Helpful

by lorirobe
Jun 3, 2001 Cleanse and Moisturize--Simple Solutions for Problem Free Skin
This cleansing and moisturizing routine that I have outlined for you has helped me maintain acne free skin. My beauty routine has become quite simple, yet is highly effective.... read full review
Very Helpful

by azielinski
Jul 20, 2001 Everyone needs a moisturizer
Be kind to your face. It's going to have to last you a long time.... read full review
Very Helpful

by TheBaba
Apr 27, 2001 Smear it on all your 2001 parts!!
Goes on easy...stays on...and it makes skin soft and moist!!... read full review
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by kamal_nyc
Apr 29, 2001 Moisturizing madness.
Use common sense. If you're not dry, don't use a moisturizer. But everyone, EVERYONE should have a reliable sunscreen.... read full review
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by herbalbee
May 26, 2002 Natural and Organic or not?
Do I choose a basic natural moisturizer or do I choose a chemically based moisturizer with all the latest skin benefitting ingredients?... read full review
Very Helpful

by pianist
May 14, 2001 If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It
Only buy a moisturizer if you need one.... read full review

by fabulousabby1
Jul 25, 2002 Moisturizer is essential
Use one that works for you, it's crucial to your skin care routine.... read full review