20" Yamaha 7 Pass, 270 Hrs Twin Jet.

Oct 11, 2000

Its the LS-2000.


Its Yamaha's Biggest watercraft to date. Its 270 Horses, Two motors(Twin Triple Two strokes)Six carbs, Seven Passengers. It has jets like a jet ski so there are no props in the water. It's Lightning Quick and Fast. Gets to 55 Mph in just a few seconds.

To the delight of your passengers, It'll pull a four "G" turn. Rolly Coaster screams from everywhere. You can go 55 mph and at full speed twist the steering wheel to the lock and spin it around like a top.

It has twin engine controls for slow speed manuvering and pulls skiers without effort. Your cost? about 20 large.


Now to the difficultys.

The dealer is usually a motorcycle dealer. Even around lakes, the motorcycle dealers don't want to work on the Yamaha boat. "Its too big for our little building!" One (Surdyke) promised me that he would leave it inside while it sat, but it stayed outside and got bird poop stains all over it. I swear, I'll show you the pictures.

Believe me, Your LS-2000 WILL go to the shop. Your tachs will quit, your little plastic door latches will break, you may have hairline cracks in the hull. My left engine blew up. (but i have not heard another owner in my ls-2000 support group (yes he said support group) have this problem)

When it blew up, the dealer around the lake refused to warranty it. (it was Surdyke, Don't buy from Surdyke Yamaha...(ever)) He said I'd have to trailer it 5 hours to the selling dealer.

The selling dealer accused me of filling the engine with water. Then he accused me of changing the jets on the carb's. Then he said, I'll get the motor outta there and then you take the boat and store it until I'm ready to put it back. When he put it back the boat is 5 mph slower.

Man its fun. It's funner than a traditional boat.

Note to self-Buy a traditional boat. Buy it from a reputable dealer. Avoid any Yamaha product for remainder of life.

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