the manifesto-- The most read non-religious book around

Jul 7, 2000
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Pros:It's amazing reading

Cons:kinda hard to understand the first time you read

With only around 2,000 words, Marx and Engels changed The view of milions of people. they changed the world as we know it, literally.

It took me about 5 times to read it AND understand it, and every time you discover something new and totally revolutionary. Their view of society back then can just as easy be realted to today's society.

with Marx at the typewriter and Engels more like a proof reader, their story of man's eveolution to a greedy, mean exploiter of workers makes me mad and amazes me how life would be at a mill in england anno 1850.

the 10 points he lists are just as simple as they are true and effective if they would be practiced... get rid of the class society and make the workers work for the Government, whixh governs and rules for equality among all.

Unite, And READ!!!

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