My TOP 10 Ways to Become a Computer Whiz

Apr 3, 2000

Computers can often be intimidating, but they don't have to be. I use to be a novice user, but that changed quickly. Now I get paid to fix people's computers, and save lots of money by building my own. How did I go from 0 to expert? I can trace it to 10 steps:

#1 (and the most important): Learn from others! I got a summer job at my dad's work putting together computers, and in the process learned plenty about the insides of a computer. Watcha friend mess with his computer (assuming he knows what he is doing). Often seeing something done is much easier then reading about it in a book, and hands on is even better.

#2: Read lots of computer literature. It can be as easy as Computers for Dummies, or as hard as programming C++. Just read anything you can, and build a knowledge library to fall back on in the future.

#3: Do NOT GET A IMAC! I know it seems nice and easy, but that is the chicken way out. If you must get a Mac, get something that can be tinkered with. PCs can be just as easy and
user friendly, definitely more so once you've spent a hour or two getting to know it.

#4: Consider learning programming, like Basic or java. It really helps you get a feel for your computer and become better in tune with it.

#5: It's OK to start out witha bare-bones cheap system, but unless you are already a whiz, you may want to reconsider. Be sure to ask the salesman about the specs of the motherboard. It has to be big so it has room for your upgrades and expansion. If it's not, then add $100 to the price of the computer in your head, because you'll need one in a month or two so consider that when buying!

#6: Buy only the necessary peripherals unless they can be taken out or are external. Getting a new computer is nice, but you don't need those game controllers or sweet sound card just yet, their time will come.

#7: Buy a CDRW! It's great for backing up everything for cheaper costs then a Zip drive. Also, the music CDs are great, and it's the cheapest storage option there is. Don't bother with fast rewrite speeds though, the rewrite feature is overrated.

8: Subscribe to PC Magazine or other knowledgeable computer magazine (hint: use Epinions to help you decide what would be a good magazine for you)

9: Subscribe to numerous "pay to surf" programs, and let them pay for your upgrades and books you want. This isn't really a way to make you more knowledgeable about computers, but it makes the hurt on your wallet significantly less.

10: Practice! Practice! Practice! Open up your machine and take a look around, install everything yourself, look in other PCs when you have the chance. This is important!

I hope this has given you some good suggestions on how to turn you into a tech wiz. Any questions can be emailed to me! Happy computing

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