The Man who was Thursday... well there are

Oct 16, 2000 (Updated Mar 7, 2001)
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Pros:A very powerful start

Cons:Not so powerful an end?

The Bottom Line: Read it!

.. of course Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, as well as Friday and Saturday in the book.

A book GK Chesterton, and when I am talking about works like this I try to be humble. It is about anarchy, very well written but at times particularly toward the end beyond me. May be it requires a second reading. As an opinion I have following to offer.

The opening scene will captivate you. The language is really good; the city it describes comes alive through it. So does the party the author is talking about. In the party two people meet who are on the different side of the argument of anarchy. From here starts the fascinating journey into the world of anarchism.

The two people who get into argument try their very best to convince the other. None is to be so easily. Thus starts a game of confidences and each has stunning piece to offer. Finally the anarchist takes the other person to a restaurant which turns out to be a hideout. Here he is out flanked by the person he met at the party. And he gets elected in to a very important forum instead of the anarchist. What a powerful start!

But the way events unfold after this, (say by the time our man, named Thursday in code yes the council has all days of the week, has discovered something the first time in this council, and then it happens again and again), in my humble opinion I canít appreciate much. After a while I could guess what is happening but the humor involved is good. For me the plot has gone very weak at this point. Maybe the book is not so much about plots but about arguments for and against anarchy? I have to read it again to be sure.

But again the end shakes you up. You will again not be able to predict it. Though the start is quite gripping and can literally make you hang on to the edge of your seat the same can not be said about the last quarter of the story. Maybe it is my own wisdom, which is lacking to appreciate it better and as I said it may require another reading. The four star rating is much due to my understanding of my book.

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