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National Credit Systems, Inc.

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What A Joke

Nov 26, 2000
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If someone owes you a debt and you really want to collect on your debt, DO NOT hire these people to collect it for you!!!

We all get into a financial bind at some time in our lives and the debtor sicks the collector on us. I have had the unfortunate experience myself of being the owee (is that a word?).

Although I knew I owed the money, I just didn't have it to pay. When the doberman's from National Credit Systems, Inc. started calling me they were courteous enough. I tried to make a small payment arrangement with them to satisfy my debt. They turned down the arrangement that I could afford to pay.

At first, they called me at home about twice a week. Each time they called, they turned down the amount that I could afford to pay. After about two weeks, they started calling more often. It got to the point where they were calling me at least 6 days a week, 2 and 3 times a day. They called from 8:00am through 9:00pm. And each time they called they became more and more abusive and ridiculous.

At one point, the woman called and asked me to send 6 post dated checks for a specific amount each, and they would submit each check on the date the check was made out for. I refused because my gut instinct told me not to do it. When I said no to the nice lady (I envisioned her to be a female Doberman with a headset), she had some very unpleasant words to say to me. After I hung up with the woman I called the New York State Banking Association. They advised me NOT to send any post dated checks. I didn't send the checks.

After this conversation they started calling me and hanging up on me at all times of the day and evening. You can tell if it is a collection agency calling, because when you answer the phone, there is a 15 second delay before they come on the line. For 15 seconds, you're saying "Hello" "Hello" "Helloooooooo" into the phone before they respond. And their phone number comes up "unavailable" on your caller ID. So if you see "unavailable" on your caller ID and you answer and hear that 15 second delay, it's them.

It became a game of will at this point. Sometimes they would actually speak when they called, and sometimes they would hang up. So I decided to play the same game. Sometimes I would speak and sometimes I would pick up the phone and hang up. Finally, after 3 weeks of this I got tired of the game and stopped answering the phone when I saw "unavailable" on my caller ID.

One day I answered the phone, because I didn't look at my caller ID and it was them. A nice man named Frank. He was very pleasant at first. He asked me if I could make any payments on the amount I owed and I responded "yes." He suggested an amount I couldn't afford and I suggested an amount that I could afford. Frank didn't like the amount I suggested and he became abusive. He actually cursed at me. So I hung up in his ear.

Then I called the Federal Trade Commission and spoke with an attorney there. Did you know that if you send a letter, registered, return receipt, and demand that the collection agency returns your account back to the creditor, they have to return your account immediately?? Yes, it's true. And if you tell them in the letter that you don't want them to call you on the phone anymore, they have to stop calling you?? Yes, that's true, too.

On the advise of the attorney from the Federal Trade Commission, I sent a registered, return receipt letter to these people and demanded that my account be returned to the creditor (the people I actually owed the money to) and I also told them that I didn't want them to call my house anymore. When I got the signed receipt back from them, the phone calls stopped and I didn't get anymore mail from them either. And the bill started coming from the creditor again.

The attorney from the Federal Trade Commission let me know that after you send the registered, return receipt letter and the collection company doesn't stop calling, they can end up paying YOU more money than you owe to the creditor!! Isn't that I nice thing to know?

And, as an added extra bonus, the Federal Trade Commission sent be a brochure which clearly defines the law and what your rights are in relation to collection agencies.

If I was a collection agency, I would not harrass people by calling them and refusing to take what the person can afford to pay. I would not be abusive to the person. I would be nice and courteous. You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar!!

Don't ever hire this company to collect any debts for you!!

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