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Yippee! Mail. Free and fast!

Jan 4, 2000
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Pros:Free. Fast. Good features.

Cons:Too many ads.

I have found Yahoo mail to be one of my most useful tools at work. My job title is "E-mail support analyst", and I work for a Fortune 50 company that has over 100,000 employees. I am the sole e-mail administrator for my site, which has over 2,000 mailboxes. Our company pretty much exclusively uses Microsoft Exchange as our e-mail platform, as it has clients not only for Windows NT, but also for W95, W98, Macintosh and UNIX.

Many corporations today employ firewalls for security. Our company has it's "paranoid setting" on maximum. We have double firewalls, a number of proxies, mail routers and such. We never expose servers to the outside world to prevent hackers from gaining access.

The firewall has been known to interfere with normal mail flow. Sometimes, things go wrong that are outside my control. Tracking them down can be a big pain in the neck. Some time ago, I set up a free Yahoo HTML mailbox with their "vacation response" and I use it constantly to check that a mailbox and the appropriate directory entries are working properly. Any time I need to test a mailbox, I simply open an IE browser session (works well with Netscape, too), sign in to my yahoo mailbox, and send a message asking for a reply (always cc yourself so you know it's not the firewall). The user replies and the vacation response replies to that. If everything's working great, the user forwards the vacation response message to me (that's what I tell them to do in the yahoo setup). If not, I check yahoo every few minutes for the Non-Delivery Notice, and I can see where the problem lies.

I've found that yahoo rarely has problems with messages being held (unlike my 'friends' at AOL who've been known to sit on a message for hours and hours), so the test message usually shows up in the mailbox within 60 seconds! Yes, one minute is all it takes for the message to leave the yahoo system and make its way to my server. Sometimes, it's there faster than I can switch from IT to Outlook!

It's a super tool if you can stand all the advertisements and banner ads that yahoo throws everywhere. But, since it is free, we pay for it by viewing the ads. TANSTAAFL, my friends.

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