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Expert Astrologer?

Jan 25, 2000
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Pros:Good for beginners, nice planet aspect chart

Cons:glitzy, trite descriptions

This should be called Beginners Astrologer.-For the record, I have the 1997 version.

I have to admit, I am not thrilled with this program. To me, Astrology information tends to fall into two broad categories: Sensationlist, romantic, what do the stars hold for me? Or practical, how to do, content filled with information on making the best choices. I prefer the later and this program definately falls into the former.

The descriptions the computer give for different aspects are glib, often contradict each other and lack depth. Also I wish it had a table where the subjects planets are just listed.

One thing I DO like about this is the table on their *Zodiac Wheel*, where the relationships of the planets are displayed. I also find the list of birth places and their coordinates pretty extensive, although I have found that they do not always match other sources. (Coordinates are slightly different)

For the beginner, there is also a nice little section on Learning Astrology.

I also use Halloran Software's Shareware Astrology for Windows, and all in all I prefer that program. Its easier to read and not full of glitz.

If you are a beginner you may like Expert Astrology. If you prefer more content, you will not like it.

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