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Another Great Review....
by compewterknut
and very thorough, as usual. Your epinions are always well thought out and very infomative. A guy can learn a lot from you-
Dec 12, 2000
5:52 am PST

Re: Thanks for another great review
by emcphers
Now if I can just get on your level, advisor might be something to consider. You made my day, thanks for the kind words.

Dec 11, 2000
5:12 am PST

Thanks for another great review
by psugrowler
I've been looking for something like this. Keep up the great work I want to see you become an advisor. You desrve it for your indepth and poignant reviews. Thanks. You've been helping me learn more and more.
Dec 10, 2000
7:08 am PST

Good review
by strange218
I enjoyed reading your review. If you would like another great FTP program, try out FTP Voyager. THe web site for it is:
Dec 7, 2000
12:44 pm PST