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Somebody Call The Email Police!

Dec 30, 1999 (Updated Jan 15, 2000)
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Pros:Competitive features

Cons:Slow and undependable

I have been using Netaddress for about a year and a half now and am leaning towards disliking the service. Netaddress is down (I'm not joking) about every other time that I try to check my email which is about one time a week. The times that I do get in, it is incredibly slow. A person like me has to go through web pages quick quick quick. The time it takes to navigate through the service drives me mad, I GO CRAZY. The service does offer a lot of space to store my mail and has a professional suffix which is

I usually connect to the internet at about 50333 bps. I have about four email addresses that I check on a regular basis. I have no problems using the yahoo and hotmail services, both are very quick and easy to use. My internet service provided also provides an email for me. All three of these email addresses reveal something about my actual self, usually the name. I wanted to try out Netaddress for a secret identity account.
Netaddress offers the same basic features that yahoo, excite, and hotmail provide. You log in with your name and password and what opens up are two frames. The left frame is a strip that gives you options to edit your info, check different folders, compose, log out, etc. The big frame on the right is the window to your messages and different folders. Your inbox contains all the incoming mail that isn't redirected by any filters that you have active. You get a total of 5MB of space to store your messages. You can add features like a POP3 access and larger storage for a fee which other services do for free. You can control how you view your messages to better accommodate the speed of your machine.
Netaddress shows promise in the future. They already have a lot of options that you can use and a lot of space to store things in. They just need to focus on making navigation faster and being more dependable, I often times can not check my email because the service is often temporarily down. As soon as they get these problems fixed I'll start recommending the service to my friends. Or then again, what should you expect for free?

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