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From movies and pics of women, men, sex.. go persiankitty for free porn!

Jan 23, 2000
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Pros:Simple to Navigate, Many links, Free!

Cons:Probably caters to the wrong audiences, maybe TOO many links!

First of all, if you are under 18 years of age, is not a site for you. It is probably against the law, and certainly not something that will build you a stronger, healthy future. Please, just move
on..persiankitty is meant for mature audiences only.
(I understand that kids under 18 probably just skip this part, but I would
feel guilty if I didn't add it, regardless...)

I think just about everyone will agree that a big part of the world wide
web is pornography. For better or worse, I think the fact remains. And, for those of us who just like being critical and judging, (not to mention making money for it) internet pornography is just another product to review. And, even though it might be the first thing on my mind when I think "www._____", porn might be important to many of Epinions readers, and I'm here to try and help, so...

I first heard about persiankitty about 5 years ago. It was relatively
unpopular back then, if I remember correctly, but a few of my friends knew
it's creators. By the time I got around to checking out the site myself, it
had become extremely popular and practically universally known and used.
Now, for details about exactly what this site offers... is a site that offers links to free pornography on the web. From pictures to
movies, erotic texts to erotic soundbytes, if it's out there, persiankitty
has it. The site's are listed alphabetically, and are updated regularly. It
seems the creators also label the newest of sites added for their more
regular visitors. Among the list of links, you can find what types of free
pictures you can find. What formats of movies, how many of each thing there are, when the free site was last updated...etc etc.
In addition to the lengthy list of free porn sites, persiankitty also
has categories of porn to help speed the process for the more hurried
surfers in search of porn. Whether you're in a hurry to see anything
naughty, or just passing through to see beautiful people naked, persiankitty is an easy place to begin. I think the site is well managed, frequently updated, and very easy to navigate.
Personally, I think that most pornography on the web ends up on computer
screens of the wrong people, so I don't necessarily like it, and don't condone it, but I think if you are a mature, responsible viewer, and using pornography for mature reasons, I recommend as a place to help center you. The web can be very complicated, and with the addition of sites every minute, you can be sure persiankitty will be on top of the free sites... So to speak.


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