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Tweak! Finawy Aw Gwown Up!

Jan 7, 2000
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Pros:True Consolidation of Many Other Applications and Utilities, User-Friendly Interface, Small Footprint

Cons:Requires Some Knowledge of Computers and Operating Systems

Tweaki…for Power Users

The phrase, for Power Users, evokes strong feelings. Attach that description to anything computer-related and the product achieves “must try” status. Tweaki…for Power Users jumped from “must try” to “must buy” before the fourteen-day trial expired. The creators of ProFILER 2000 (another dream utility that saves your laboriously customized system and program settings), JerMar Software, really came through for tweak junkies with their latest offering.

From the day I approached my Apple IIe, circa 1980, default system settings just would not do! Trial and error became common practice along with full system restoration. Years later when Microsoft® offered an early version Tweak UI, the name alone attracted me. As Windows® operating systems advanced through new versions, Tweak UI somewhat kept pace. In fact, Microsoft® included compatible versions of this utility on their first offering of the Windows 98® and Windows 98® Upgrade CD-ROM, accessed by browsing to the disk’s Tools folder. For some unknown reason, the utility was omitted from Windows 98 SE® versions.

Tweaki…for Power Users takes Tweak UI to a new level. This 32-bit shell management tool enables, according to JerMar, the possibility of over 250 changes to your Windows 95/98/NT4/Windows 2000® operating system. The small download (3.25 MB) and painless installation process took only minutes, including the mandatory system reboot. Unlike Tweak UI, this utility places shortcuts on the start menu. Access through Control Panel remains the domain of Tweak UI, which I left on my system, just in case this new utility did not live up to JerMar Software’s claims. I discovered, upon opening Tweaki, the custom settings chosen in the older Microsoft utility flawlessly transferred to the new one.

Not just a tag line, user-friendly perfectly describes the point and click interface. Upon first encounter, Tweaki appears as an improved clone of the other utilities mentioned. Within moments, the wealth of options available made apparent the depth of this utility. Delving into the Advanced options brings renewed significance to the word, tweak. Accessibility to many settings previously customized through Regedit, MSconfig, and Sysedit now reside in one single utility. Click on a control option, a limited pop-up description appears that includes the directive of whether or not a reboot is required to implement that particular change. Access clarification and additional information without consulting lengthy help files by clicking the “?” and immediately clicking any of the options. Tweaki elevates the process of personalizing settings to where it should have been years ago.

Safeguards within the utility allow for true power tweaking. Precautions, including the ability to undo changes, appeal to not only the more timid users. The straightforward depiction of each option continues throughout all levels of the interface affording users with varied levels of expertise the ability to customize without trepidation.

A short list of features, benefits and abilities provided by Tweaki…for Power Users:
1. Desktop management ability of Tweak UI along with scores of additional options
2. Features normally scattered among a variety of programs consolidated into one simple interface
3. Saves your choice of personal settings, files, folders, views and other options to a permanent file (outside of the Registry) that loads each time the operating system boots.
4. The ability to truly lock down your computer
5. The ability to instantly lock down access to specific areas such as Control Panel, Registry, System Files, program settings, hardware, dial-up networking, etc… without limiting utility. (Great for thwarting those employees and contract clients who tweak their systems into oblivion on a regular basis.)
6. Save operating system settings for recall or use on another system or network.
7. Enable auto log-on support for network, Office suites and Windows
8. Disable log-on and shutdown and removal of associated short cuts
9. Tweaki’s Right Click Wizard, facilitating full customization of context sensitive menus for choosing file (open with) types
10. Change Windows install path
11. Change Company Name and Registration information
12. Create monikers for Favorite bookmarks in Internet Explorer®.
13. Rename title bars in Internet Explorer®
14. Enable detailed Internet mail logging
15. Fast File Access and Fast shut down options
16. Common Folder Sharing Wizard
17. Application Launch Manager Wizard
18. Numerous Security Setting options
19. Version specific settings for each Windows Operating System from 95 up
20. The oh-so-helpful Windows’ Make Compatible.EXE
21. Program specific MS Office® tweaks for most components of the suites
22. Customize some features of the Registry (this is limited but useful)

Space constraints forbid any further listing of features, settings and enhancements. To date, I have experienced no compatibility issues, irretrievable system changes, system crashes or error messages since installation and use of Tweaki. No more do I suffer through stalled reboots and sluggish shutdown procedures. Now resolved, my major daily complaint with Windows 98 SE® on both my systems (my program and window view settings kept reverting to default) no longer plagues me. I love simplicity and this program represents the best of its kind.

JerMar Software offers a free download for a two-week trial of Tweaki… for Power Users. Purchase a single-user license for $15.00 or multiple-user licensing at increasingly good discounts depending upon quantity desired. Registered users receive all future upgrades free of charge. Purchase from the manufacturer by phone, fax, snail-mail or via secure server off the Internet for extended utility and the free upgrade rights. Unlike some other shareware encountered, simply inputting the registration code and your email address permanently unlocks the software.

Tweaki…for Power Users is the utility every “default malcontent” will wish they had thought of first! This utility receives my highest recommendation.

For more information and to download the free fourteen-day trial visit:

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