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Blast Off With A Rocketboard!! FREE!!

Apr 20, 2000
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Pros:One touch web access, it is FREE!!

Cons:You have to get in line to get one!

Chances are if you are reading this, you are writing reviews in warp drive, reading and rating and typing away. Just how much stress can the ole keyboard take? There are days when I expect to see steam coming from the keys! Wouldn't it be nice to have a brand new one? What would be better than getting a new one FREE!!!!!!

I stumbled on this for the first time over six months ago through another web site. The offer was for a free keyboard. What a great thing that would be! After surfing on over to their website, I filled out a short form and hit the enter key. After that I forgot about it. Several weeks later I received an email from Rocketboard. They had SO many people responding to their offer that they were completely out of them. In the email they promised to keep in touch and let me know when more became available. Again, I think oh sure they will! Imagine my surprise when I received an email again from their company just the other day. There are more Rocketboards available!


Rocketboard states that their keyboard is a desktop, one touch keyboard for the internet. What they have done is added 18 keys to the top of their keyboard that will instantly connect you with websites. Their website further states that these "hot keys" will connect you to sites such as entertainment, travel, search, health and beauty as well as news and local internet sites. It also goes on to say that if you use AOL it will instantly connect you to Email and Instant Messenger. They also have a Daily Deal key that will provide Rocketboard users only special deals with leading companies. They state that the keyboard is compatible with most PCs and ISPs.


Well, the Rocketboard is a standard keyboard with 18 Rocket Keys. When you touch one of these special keys, you will be instantly connected to a specific web site. You may also customize the keys to take you to websites of your choosing. The 18 specific keys are:

1. My Key
2. AOL
3. AOL Instant Messanger
4. Email
5. Search
6. News and Local
7. Finance
8. Auction
9. Sports
10. Entertainment
11. Radio
12. Games
13. Health and Beauty
14. Computers and Electronics
15. Travel
16. Daily Deal
17. Shopping
18. Rocketboard


As I had stated earlier, I received the second email from Rocketboard just a few days ago. In the email, they stated that they are giving away 250,000 keyboards. I did go to their website and register for one. There was a short form to fill out that had typical questions regarding my current PC and internet connection. It also requested that I set up an account with them, by creating a screen name and password. Next, I was instructed to put in my address and confirm my order. It took a short time for my order to be accepted.


After my order was accepted, the next screen that appeared stated that I would receive an email confirmation. In order to activate my request it was necessary to reply. If you do not reply, you will not get the keyboard. It went on to say that, if I did not receive a confirmation in a few days, I should resubmit my request! What? Can they not keep the first one?

Their website states that this keyboard is compatible with most windows based PCs. It comes with software that must be installed. What will that do to my PC? Who knows at this point. You can be sure that big brother will be watching which rocket keys I am hitting! It says that you can customize it to sites of your choosing, but it also states that you can choose only from their list. Hmmmmmm..... What if the ones I really like are not there? Can you request that they add them?

Right now, I am still in the waiting for stage of this project. I have many questions. Even if something is free, is that always a good thing? I hope this one turns out good. It would be nice to have a new keyboard. It can be tiring, cutting and pasting to my web browser.

When and if I get this keyboard, I will post a new review so stay tuned. In the meantime, you may want to go get your own. You may locate Rocketboard at:

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