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Don't fill in the blank...let your GATOR do it!

Apr 15, 2000
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Pros:Easy, free, efficient

Cons:Possible security issues

I downloaded Gator early in my Internet career, lucky girl that I am. This handy little application has saved me oodles of time while playing the freebies game, or gathering MyPoints.

Here's how it works. First, go to the Gator website (, and download the program. Install it, and fill in the information required-- then hang loose till you hit a site that requires you to complete a form.

Some sites are "Gator one click sites", which allow you to click a button on the Gator pop-up window, and have the Gator fill in your information for you automatically. (First and last names, email addy, snail mail info, phone number, etc.) At other sites, the Gator window will pop up, and you can drag bits of information to the proper fields yourself. (Not as much of a help, but still quicker than typing everything out the old-fashioned way, especially for those of us whose typing skills are not among our most impressive qualities...)

Gator also remembers passwords, and will log you into your password protected sites automatically after the first visit. This might be problematic for those who share a computer, or who have kids at home who aren't necessarily welcome to surf using mom & dad's identities. Since my munchkins are still pretty small, this isn't an issue for me.

All in all, I find the Gator to be pretty helpful. In my experience, there are no drawbacks to using it, and (even for someone of my limited cyber-skill) it's a cinch to download, install, and use. And, did I mention that it's free? Can't beat that!

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