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Mar 10, 2001

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The Bottom Line There are many ways to earn on epinions. Writing some epinions will pay more than others.

I have been a member for almost a year, and I can say that I have not made all that much money, until recently. I noticed that my eroyalties have gone up quite a bit, in recent weeks. I received a check last month, and I am almost back to the point where I requested a check.

A lot of people whine and moan about making pennies on reviews, however, you have to write more than a review about a CD that came out in 1980 to earn money here, as rating music only gets you a penny a hit.

You have to read and rate other reviews. A lot of people, myself included check their reviews and the ratings, and then sometimes, I know I do they go to read and rate some reviews by people who have read your review, you can almost look at it as "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours" this is a way that you can earn extra eroyalties even if you do not feel like writing a review. Also, make sure you comment if you have one on a particular review.

Almost something guaranteed for hits is something new on epinions or something that does not have many write ups, it may be worth a penny to hit, but a review on a hot new CD or book can be worth lots of pennies if it is something popular.

Something else I have found gets a lot of hits are member advice topics, you know, topics like the one I am writing in now, earning and redeeming eroyalties, general comments about, how to write a review, etc, etc.. These interest epinions members, as they can gain useful advice for future opinions they write, along with rants and things they dislike about epinions at the time.

Another way is if you go on a trip and you can write about it here, then please do, I know I would like to find advice on a place to go on a trip or a hotel to stay at, as travel will get you 3 cents a hit, if you really love or really hate your new car, then please tell us about it, should we buy it or pick something else? That will get you 3 cents as well. Do you like AOL or MSN? That will get you 3 cents per hit as well. However, if you do not like the new Dixie Chicks CD then you will only get a penny a hit. If you are unsure what pays what then you just have to go to the FAQ page and click on earning on epinions and the third topic will tell you how much you will earn.

I hope this helps all return epinioners as well as the newbies to epinions.

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