Minwax Formby's High Gloss Tung Oil Finish, 1 Pt.

Minwax Formby's High Gloss Tung Oil Finish, 1 Pt.

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Formby's High Gloss Tung Oil

Jun 22, 2003
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Pros:Ease of use; great for small projects; easy start-stopping; low aromatic; minimal cleanup.

Cons:Larger projects time consuming; high pint cost; poor long tern storage.

The Bottom Line: I recommend Minwax Formby's High Gloss Tung Oil when you want control over the final results, easy cleanup, low aromatic, and ease of use.--

I used both the Formby's stain and Tung Oil when doing many of my small projects around the house. Eight years ago we remodeled our house with second story I put oak paneling on the stairwell, oak handrails and spindles. I used the stain and then the high gloss Tung Oil. It turned out great and still looks super. I do not recommend it for areas that get wet like window sills or counter top with drinks as one can still stain the wood with water marks. The Tung Oil has held up well on the hand rails and other locations with normal house traffic.

It is interesting to note the difference between Tung Oil and regular varnish. When I refinished a dining room table and used traditional varnish, that which was applied with a brush and two coats for the high finish. The difficulty with traditional varnish is dealing with the brushes and the inability to start and stop in the middle of a project. The largest area I did with Tung Oil was a 3' by 6' door. One of features I enjoyed with taking the bottle of Tung Oil and clean piece of rag and virtually wiping the door down. It goes fast and one can throw the swatch of cloth away and just close up the bottle when done. The Tung Oil goes a long ways but also since it is a thin body liquid, you need to put on many coats to achieve the high gloss. Use 0000 steel wool between coats for proper adherence and taking down high points and removing imperfections. It is low aromatic so I did the work inside the house to minimize dust and other contaminants. It is important to wait 12 to 24 hours between coats to allow proper hardening on hardwoods. The tung oil is more forgiving in drying in that if the humidity is too high or it is raining outside one can not consider traditional varnishing. That is not to say that it is not subject to those effects, but that it is not so sensitive and one may have a window of opportunity to use tung oil where one would court disaster with conventional varnish. Since the product goes on so easily and in thin coats, one can start and stop at any point an come back later to continue. That could be a disaster with conventional varnish. I highly recommend the Tung Oil for a great hand rubbed look finish. It lets the beauty of the wood shine and not look hidden under "plastic."

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