You should know it cures EVERYTHING (well...almost)

Mar 14, 2001

The Bottom Line It works immediately, heals almost anything in a day or two, it's inexpensive and easy to carry along, and it has a trillion ways to use it.

You need to know that Neosporin ointment and Neo-to-Go packets and probably anything else they make is magical, wonderful, life-saving stuff.

My undying gratitude to Neosporin started when I was a kid. My mom swears by the stuff, and she is a general practitioner.

For five dollars you get a tube that lasts forever. Or for the same price you can buy those cool Neo-to-Go packets that you can throw in a purse, diaper bag, first aid kit, or even your pocket! We buy a new tube maybe once every two years. It has healed SO many things. They should advertise its uses more, because they really underestimate this product.

Neosporin is a simple antibiotic in a petroleum base. It is the same as ear drops, eye drops, diaper rash ointment, topical infection creams, etc. The only difference between them is the base they are in. Some are water-based, some are solid-forms like pills, and some are liquid-based. This one happens to be petroleum based, which gives the added benefit of soothing the skin, and spreading without running everywhere.

You should always clean the wound before you put the ointment on, perhaps with hydrogen peroxide, because ointment might keep the germs in instead of just healing a wound.

If something is hurting you, Neosporin will first soothe the injury and it will usually stop throbbing or stinging immediately. I don't know if there are any pain-killing ingredients in it, but something about it just feels good on cuts and sores and such. It also helps stop bleeding if you bleed for a long time like my family does. If we put a band-aid on without the ointment, we'll usually bleed through the band-aid. But if we use Neosporin, the ointment blocks the bleeding and gives it time to clot. I have never used this product when it didn't make the wound feel better. Maybe because the cut is less exposed, and the ointment is room temperature. It doesn't EVER sting or run or hurt the least bit.

If you think this is just a medicine for cuts though, you are mistaken. It can be used for the following:

*Cuts inside the mouth: this is where it tastes bad, but not so bad you can't deal with it. It won't hurt you if you swallow it, so don't worry. I used Neosporin when I got my braces on and it works better than anbesol. It will cure chancre sores, cut lips, bitten tongues, etc.

*Eye colds: if you've ever had a cold that went into your eye, you know what this is. Your eyes sting and hurt and you wake up in the morning with crusted-shut lids. If you use a tiny bit of Neosporin, you can easily clean your lids and lashes without hurting anything, and if your actual eye hurts, go ahead and stick some of it right on your eye. My friend had a scratched cornea once and she squeezed some in there before going to sleep and by the next morning the pain was gone. It also works to relieve itchy eyes from allergies and/or rubbing them.

*Ear aches (believe it or not): my brother had a terrible ear infection one night and the doctor's office was closed. It wasn't an emergency, so my mom took matters into her own hands. She put some Neosporin in a cup and microwaved it just for a few seconds until it was a liquid but not hot, and then she poured it in my brother's ear. It cleared up his ear infection in one night, and the infection didn't come back. Even prescription antibiotics don't work that fast.

*Raw skin: If you've ever had a night of fun with your lady or man friend, you might have experience raw skin in all the wrong places. Neosporin works great to heal it and make it stop hurting at the same time. This is also true for blisters.

*Circumcised babies: My mom used this on both of my brothers when they were circumcised. With Neosporin on, they didn't even cry when they urinated or had diaper changes, and the skin was totally healed in two days just like it never happened.

*Sore throats: One time I took my mom's earache example and decided to try it on my sore throat. I melted some in a cup and mixed it with water, and then I gargled with it and spit it out a few times. It didn't taste too wonderful, but it did fix my sore throat that day.

Bottom Line: Neosporin is MAGIC. You'll go through it fast if you use it for everything like we do, but it is worth it. You won't be disappointed!

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