Vacu Vin Food Saver

Vacu Vin Food Saver

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Vacuum sealers that work reliably, fast AND quietly.

Jul 24, 2003 (Updated Jul 25, 2003)
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Pros:They work, keep on working, are quiet and fast and stackable.

Cons:Due to lack of exposure: not much competitive pricing; don't do bags.

The Bottom Line: If you need to keep chips, crackers, pretzels, coffee, flour, cereals, bagels & some vegetables fresh & pest-free, get a set or two of these.

After a little more than a year, my second set of Tilia FoodSaver lids are wearing out. They do NOT seal as fast or reliably as the Vacu Vin. I use my Vacu Vin canisters whenever possible because I don't have to put up with the noisy Tilia pump so I don't mind resealing frequently. The Vacu Vin pump seals hard & tight every time in less than 5 seconds with NO NOISE. You may need a FoodSaver for sealing bags & Mason jars but a set or two of the Vacu Vin canisters will serve you cheaply & reliably for bagels, berries, crackers, coffee, etc. With an additional (cheap) Vacu Vin pump or just carrying your one pump, you can even take these on the road or to parties easily & use them there also- a boon for campers & others.
Another GREAT feature is that Vacu Vin canisters are stackable & Tilia's are not. An additional design problem for Tilia is that the little release valve on their top is too easy to bump accidentally & release vacuum unknowingly.
The sales pitch all the manufacturers make IS true: chips, crackers, cereals, coffee, etc. stay fresh a LOT longer in vacuum-sealed canisters. Berry tips: either wash, dry & freeze before putting in canisters -or- place wadded-up paper towel in bottom of canister to absorb juice.
Two additions that would be nice for Vacu Vin: a wide-mouth jar sealer attachment & canisters the same size as Tilia so that you could use Vacu Vin lids when the Tilias wear out.

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